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Custom web platform development with separate software modules for work management, recruitment automation, and SaaS management

SaaS web app

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    • 2 software developers

    • 2 QA engineer

    • 1 UI/UX designer

  • Web application

  • Germany

  • Human capital

  • Web app development, dedicated team, DevOps services

  • October 2021 - ongoing

About the client

After a successful collaboration with Apiko team on his project Pro.Con, the client returned to bring his next idea to life.

Project idea

The project idea sparked from real-life necessity. One of our client's customers used the magnet board with cards to keep track of all their project-related tasks. Such a solution may work pretty well for small one-person errands. However, the larger the team is and the more complicated the work processes get, the more overloaded and chaotic such a board becomes.

The client decided to come up with a digital solution for project management automation. The key idea was to make it as simple and intuitive, as a plain magnet board with cards. Yet it should be capable of streamlining the workflow at more complicated projects.

To make the workflow more efficient, staff management software for internal company needs would come in handy. Recruitment automation is especially priceless for businesses that provide different kinds of services, e.g. delivery, facility maintenance, craftsmen services, etc. The ability to have a complete view of the talent pool available and transparent automated HR processes are of great value. These concepts were the backbone of the HR management system.

As such a software may be useful for many companies, regardless of their specialization, the client decided to implement the project as a SaaS solution. Thus, besides the functionality for work management, there was a need for a SaaS administering tool as an independent software module.

Employee management software


With the exact customers in mind, our client intended his SaaS solution to address their main pain points:

  • Keep track of all project-related tasks
  • See the employees' schedules and workload
  • Fill in open vacancies timely with the professionals available
  • Streamline the workflow.

As for the Super Admin functionality, it was necessary to:

  • Develop a payment system for different SaaS packages and subscription plans
  • Enable software reselling
  • Keep track of the products' subscriptions, monitor their tendencies, and form the software plans that would perfectly cover the clients' needs.

Challenges & solutions

  • Custom web platform development from scratch
  • Integration with Stripe for processing the SaaS subscription payments within the platform

What our clients say

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Sven Kohrs

Sven Kohrs

Product Owner of Think net

“Apiko helped increase company and product growth. They take the initiative to complete the project on time using various project management tools and never sacrificing the quality of the product. Not only is their technical ability superb, but they are also emotionally invested in the product.”

ThinkNet: software module for SaaS management

Main features
Project management SaaS


Users can set up their accounts by going through an e-mail verification procedure.

Saas management software

Manage customers

  • Add new customers. Indicate their:

    • personal and contact details
    • software module(s) they chose and subscription plan
    • SaaS reseller (if any) who the purchase was made through
  • View payment details and status

  • Filter the customers by the type of their subscription (paid, trial, internal), and by their account status (active or deactivated)

Software reselling

Manage resellers

  • Create resellers' profiles. Specify their

    • personal and contact details
    • % of commission for the resales
  • Generate reseller's referral link

  • View payments data

Project management automation

Manage the products

  • Add software modules

  • Add and specify software plans

  • Indicate their monthly and annual subscription cost

  • View their creation date

PlanWerk: software module for work management

Main features
SaaS web app


Invite new users to the web platform and set the corresponding role-based access permissions.

Project management automation

Dashboard and Gantt view

Stay up-to-date with the work progress, having all necessary data at your fingertips. Check

  • Who is responsible for the task completion

  • The task status and duration

  • Your employees' workload and time off

Set the Gantt's name, location, and color scheme to mark the current day, holidays and weekends for better perception.

When a company has several locations, separate Gantts for each of them make it easier to manage the projects. It's also convenient to keep track of holidays, as they may vary depending on the region.

Some other useful features are

  • Gantt search e.g. for an employee or a project, to immediately find the data you need

  • Select the period of time you want to view data for: monthly, yearly, or three-month view

  • Return to today's agenda simply by clicking a button, and much more.

Work management

Manage your projects

  • Add new project

  • Indicate the expected project duration, and which Gantt the project belongs to

  • See the overdue tasks and decide how to manage them (e.g. change the due date, or mark as no longer relevant, etc.)

  • Create a template task in case some activity is repetitive

  • View and edit project details

  • Assign tasks to particular employees

  • View the automatically recorded project changelog

    • The time when a change was implemented
    • What was changed
    • Who the change was performed by
  • Filter the projects by their status (active, archived, deleted, finished)

Employee management software

Manage the employees

  • Add a new employee

  • Configure the employee's access permissions

  • View and edit the employee's details

  • Create an absence for the employee, e.g. add a vacation, sick leave, etc.

  • Filter the employees by the Gantt they are assigned to

SaaS management tool

Streamline the processing of customers' requests

  • Add new customers to your database

  • Link the projects and tasks with the corresponding customers

Yuu HR: HR management system

Main features
Staff management software


Log in to the staff management software and, depending on the access level, get a complete view on the HR processes within your company, or see your employee profile with fully specified contract details, job-related documents, tasks dashboards and other necessary information to get the job done efficiently and on time.

Employee management software

Specify the company's structure and employees' hierarchy

  • Specify the structure of your organization: companies, departments, structural units, etc.

  • Specify the user roles: by default they are administrator, employee, supervisor, HR

  • Create explicit employee profiles, including personal details and working conditions

    • Job title
    • Department
    • Supervisor contact details
    • Location
    • Type of employment (permanent or on-demand)
    • Paid vacation details: the total number of paid vacation hours vs the number of vacation hours left
    • Payment and insurance
    • Emergency contact details
    • Related documents: possibility to attach files
    • Education and skills, etc.
  • See the status of employee's occupation: active / inactive. It will let you see the pool of talents available for new job openings

Project management automation

Job management made simple

  • Create a job

  • See the opened jobs within your company's structural units

  • See the employees engaged

  • Assign employees to the vacancies

  • Add new jobs and remove the irrelevant ones

  • See the pool of employees available

Recruitment automation

Manage the vacancies and applicants

  • Create a new vacancy

  • Filter vacancies by choosing the organization structure unit they refer to, vacancy name, etc.

  • See the vacancy status: draft, published, closed

  • View CVs

  • View applicants' profiles

  • Create letter templates to notify the applicants about the status of their applications

  • See the applicant's status: new, interview phase, offer accepted, or offer rejected.

Saas management software

Process builder and task management

  • Streamline recurring processes within your organization

  • Specify the tasks within these processes

    • Create a task & provide its details
    • Set its due date
    • Assign the task to an employee
  • View the tasks assigned to you

  • View the tasks assigned to other employees

  • See the task's status: to do, done, archived, overdue

  • Add employee's absence, e.g. vacation or sick leave, and more.


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SaaS web app

SaaS web app for project and recruitment management custom development: The outcome

ThinkNet provides a set of simple yet powerful SaaS management tools that turn administering into a clear straightforward process.
PlanWerk is a SaaS web app that automates project management. Just like a magnet board with cards that never gets messy, Gantt view makes it easy to keep track of all the tasks.
YUUHR is the HR management system which encompasses recruitment automation and staff management software to boost the efficiency of the business processes.

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