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Build a marketplace platform for older community residents: how to get all the way up from MVP to a top-notch agetech marketplace partnering with Apiko team.

Good Life Sorted marketplace development

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    • 6 software developers

    • 1 QA engineers

    • 1 UI/UX designer

  • Web and mobile

  • United Kingdom

  • Healthcare, Caregiving

    • Mobile development,
    • web development,
    • UI/UX design
  • May 2020 - ongoing

About the client

More than ever before, families need some assistance with providing long-term care to older adults with limitations in the ability to perform tasks necessary for independent living. This point turned to be a driving force for our customer - Constantine Karampatsos - to build a service marketplace Good Life Sorted.

Project idea

Entrusting your loved ones to other people might be challenging, even scary. This fact gave birth to Good Life Sorted - an agetech marketplace that offers you to hire hand-picked, trained and dependable helpers in your community to take care of your older relatives. This elderly caregiving platform enables customers to find and hire carers for themselves or their loved ones for various reasons, from dog walking and cleaning to companionship or meal preparation.
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Each product has key benefits, that turns visitors into loyal admirers and consumers. As for Good Life Sorted, their focus is definitely set on guaranteeing the highest quality of provided services through careful vetting, training and screening of helpers. These guys are passionate about quality, they hand-pick all the candidates, so just 5% of applicants are selected to join their service marketplace platform and require the same attitude from our team, as their software development partners. That's why we did our best to align the marketplace development process and result with the customer's highest demands, meet his expectations and achieve the end-goal of building a refined agetech marketplace platform, that is heavily tailored to business needs and features.

Challenges & solutions

See the challenges, and solutions we've offered to our clients
  • Review the source code of MVP, previously made on
  • Rebuild the web platform from scratch on Node.js/React
  • Work closely with a customer, to agree upon functional changes and make sure everything goes precisely according to his requirements
  • Refine, simplify and improve the architecture of web/mobile apps
  • Compile product development roadmap, set up the lists of needed features

Main features

We helped to deliver the following features
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Availability tool

One of the core features that autonomizes and smoothes the experience of platform's users is an availability tool that contains, proceeds and collects information concerning appointments and helper's schedule. Based on the provided data, dedicated managers are able to pick up the most appropriate carer for everyone and immediately check his/her available time slots to eliminate confusion and disruption.

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Job creation

To start the search, users have to type in their postcodes, check out the availability of local helpers in certain areas and specify what they need (put in the details according to a type of service, preferred days and times, frequency of visits and additional personal data). Moreover, visitors can browse helpers' profiles, but cannot choose a carer by themselves. The most appropriate person will be assigned by the admins of the platform.

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Custom software solution

We delivered a custom-built functionality to accomplish client's goals without the need for compromises to build the site around the plugin, rather than the other way around. When you develop a new feature customly, you can remain confident that it will continue to work seamlessly. Vulnerabilities will likely be limited to those that are targeting your site specifically, rather than the system on which it's built, so you can count on increased security.

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Helper onboarding management

What we really love about Good Life Sorted is their concern for the highest quality. For our customer, the onboarding process is a thorough, crucial procedure of hand-picking helpers, so only 5% of applicants can make the cut and join the platform. Great attention is paid to their social and communicative skills, that's why to apply for a position, candidates have to fill in the form, upload their resumes, provide a cover letter, describe their job preferences and availability and after that they will be carefully interviewed.

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Picking time and days for a visit

Use filtering options to specify how often you would like the helper to visit you and point out what times and days are the best. Also choose a preferred visit duration (one hour minimum) to make the most out of a helper's services and meet your needs.

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Helper profile

Good Life Sorted supports transparent policy, so you are absolutely free to look through the profiles of available caregivers, examine their resumes, courses and certifications, but one more time - the final decision is on moderators behalf. On the other hand, this fact is beneficial for consumers, as managers, who interviewed applicants personally, know exactly what they have to offer and can match help-seekers with the most suitable carers perfectly.

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Accounting module

Our team added the accounting module to simplify and make the company's financial management much more efficient. Earlier, the process had been done manually in an Excel spreadsheet. It takes a lot of time and becomes very tedious if you have to create reports, calculate each visit, and sum it up monthly for every helper and customer by hand. That's why our client wanted to expand the functionality of an admin system so that he could automate how the company deals with finances.

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Statement and invoice generation

In the documents section, you can see all the invoices and statements with financial details of visits, a total that has to be paid by each customer and received by each helper during a specific time frame. There are four types of documents that you can create: customer statements, helper statements, GLS invoices, and helper invoices. These documents can be easily generated in the system with a few clicks and then sent to clients and helpers accordingly.


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Good Life Sorted marketplace development

The outcome

For our team it was a pleasure to cooperate with such a responsible, detail-oriented and meticulous client, so we did our best to exceed the highest expectations and lay the foundation of long-term partnership. As a result, we developed an intuitive, reliable service marketplace for helpers and consumers, where users can find an active and caring person to give them a hand with household chores, cooking, shopping or just having tea and jaw. The functionality is quite simple and transparent, but involves all necessary features to deliver smooth and seamless user-experience.

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