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    • 7 software developers

    • 1 UI/UX designer

    • 1 project management

    • 1 business analyst

  • End-to-end enterprise management suite

  • USA, New York

  • Manufacturing, enterprise resource planning

    • Web development

    • Mobile development

    • UI/UX design

    • Project management

    • Quality assurance and support

  • 2019 - Present

About the client

Conexwest is a leading container manufacturer in the United States, with a history of producing high-quality products for customers across the globe.
Conexwest, a leading force in the container manufacturing landscape, specializes in crafting a wide array of top-quality shipping containers. With a strong foothold in the United States, their expertise extends to designing, manufacturing, and supplying an extensive range of containers, catering to both domestic and international markets.
Their product portfolio encompasses an array of container types, including standard dry containers, refrigerated containers, open-top containers, flat rack containers, and more. Conexwest's offerings are tailored to meet various cargo needs, ensuring safe and efficient transportation of goods across diverse industries.
As an industry trailblazer, Conexwest also provides customized container solutions, allowing clients to shape containers to their specific requirements. From modifications to conversions, their adept team delivers tailored solutions that accommodate unique cargo and storage demands.
Beyond manufacturing, Conexwest offers a suite of services designed to streamline container logistics. Their comprehensive services include container sales, leasing, rentals, modifications, repairs, and delivery, presenting clients with an end-to-end container management experience. With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Conexwest stands as a reliable partner for businesses seeking robust container solutions that cater to the intricacies of modern cargo and logistics demands.

Project idea is the multi-module enterprise management suite to make industrial manufacturing safer, easily monitored, and more productive.

From weeks down to minutes, our manufacturing process management software redefines how Conexwest manages tasks, amplifying productivity through data-backed choices and efficient resource management.

Uncover how Conexwest supercharged long-term strategic planning with, achieving remarkable outcomes:

Slashed time tracking from days to mere minutes, boosting efficiency

Attained 100% accuracy in task management, ensuring error-free operations

Bolstered organization and oversight, yielding a significant reduction in project delays

Enabled handling more tasks in less time, supercharging productivity

Accelerated decision-making, translating to quicker project advancement Story


In the realm of modern industrial manufacturing, where precision, coordination, and resource management are the cornerstones of success, we built a visionary enterprise management suite that encapsulates ingenuity and empowerment -

In 2020, the founders of embarked on a mission to revolutionize project management for corporations. They envisioned a collaborative platform that would increase business agility and operational cohesion. serves as an orchestra conductor, seamlessly integrating project management, task tracking, team communication, and file sharing into a user-centric interface designed for intuitive navigation.

Its user-centric design ensures that simplicity and flexibility are always prioritized, making your team work smarter and achieve their full potential with ease.

With, your workday is centralized within a single dashboard that maximizes productivity and eliminates the complexities of multitasking. It's not just any tool, but a catalyst for transformative excellence in manufacturing. is leading the way in the manufacturing industry, constantly evolving and reshaping the landscape while unlocking new possibilities.

Take a look at how our clients have transformed their challenges into extreme levels of productivity

Under the banner of, we have achieved a remarkable milestone: reducing worker turnover time down to the minute. This precision has revolutionized the way work is completed, allowing us to optimize every action to create a symphony of success.Our narrative is one of real, tangible transformation, where business operations break through boundaries and innovation drives development. It is a journey where every keystroke, data point, and strategic insight contributes to the story of enterprise success, all written through our partnership.
Vitali Barkouski

Vitali Barkouski

CEO, Conexwest

Apiko is a valuable long-term partner for enterprise digital transformation. Their dedication and commitment to our project result in high-quality of their work. They always find needed resources and solutions to satisfy any arising needs of the project. We’ve achieved a ton of progress working together.

Challenges & solutions

“We needed a tool to help us track tasks in business, assign them to employees, and see how much work they do. We hired Apiko to build a heavily tailored solution, as no solution available on the market could meet our business needs.”
The resulting software products include:
  • QR-integrated productivity tracking app for workers
  • Web-based production management system
  • Enterprise resource planning solution (ERP)

Main modules of the product

enterprise management suite
Inventory management

Efficiently manage assets and inventory with a reliable inventory hub, facilitating seamless tracking, optimization, and synchronization for smooth operations.

operational excellence software
KPI tracking

This feature provides a personalized dashboard to each worker, enabling real-time tracking of key performance indicators and promoting a culture of individual excellence, resulting in new insights.

enterprise efficiency software
Invoice management

This module streamlines financial interactions by harmonizing the complexities of invoice creation, management, and processing for accurate and efficient financial transactions.

enterprise resource management
Project, workflow and task management

This multifaceted module transforms manufacturing into a precise choreography, dissecting manufacturing production processes into a sequence of tasks that streamlines project execution and enhances decision-making.

enterprise resource planning
Resources scheduling & allocation

This feature enables administrators to precisely allocate and schedule human and material resources, creating a symphony of resource orchestration and optimizing utilization throughout the manufacturing process.

business productivity solution
Automated reporting

This module gives teams freedom from burdensome reporting requirements, creating detailed reports automatically and supplying helpful information that enables data-driven choices.

enterprise productivity
HR management

This module serves as a connecting point for workforce optimization, pioneering smooth HR management from recruiting to performance appraisal, thus providing an ideal environment for talent development and maintenance.

enterprise productivity platform
Productivity monitoring

This feature offers an up-to-the-minute snapshot of performance, giving an all-encompassing overview of efficiency and providing insights for improvement.

enterprise management suite
Role-based access control

This module ensures data integrity by orchestrating precise access permissions, providing users with a defined scope of interaction with the manufacturing operation system while simultaneously strengthening security and confidentiality.

operational excellence software
Productions and operations management

This module serves as a comprehensive overview of the manufacturing landscape, providing stakeholders with a cockpit to manage resources, tasks, and projects with efficiency.

enterprise efficiency software
Enhanced communication

This feature enables effortless collaboration and communication within the ecosystem, allowing for the free flow of insights, decisions, and updates throughout the manufacturing process.

SaaS web app

Multi-module enterprise management suite to make industrial manufacturing safer, easily monitored, and more productive: The outcome

Conexwest's ambition extended beyond conformity; they aspired to surpass operations management in manufacturing industry benchmarks, setting themselves as a vanguard of excellence.We helped implement a comprehensive transition from a traditional to a digital enterprise. Apiko digitized core business operations to improve process control, increase revenue, cut waste (asset misuse, workforce downtime), and allocate human resources more effectively.

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