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Our nursing shift solution empowers Novello Healthcare to outshine competitors, enabling lower fees through strategic digital implementation

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By capping hourly fees to hospitals at just 33% of the industry norm, Novello ensures a cost-effective solution that never compromises the quality of care provided


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  • February 2022 - present

About the client

At Apiko, we had the privilege of partnering with Novello Healthcare, a nationwide nursing agency covering all of England and Wales, working closely with both NHS Trusts and private hospitals. Novello Healthcare offers a wide array of agency roles to healthcare professionals, including nurses, theatre staff, and ODPs.

Novello's technology promptly notifies interested nurses across the UK about block bookings. Within a few hours, they can supply a pool of 10 well-qualified nurses ready to start, all while capping hospital fees at a mere 33% of the industry standard. This unique approach reshapes the nursing agency landscape, promising efficiency for healthcare providers and professionals.

So, how did Novello achieve this remarkable transformation?

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Novello Healthcare was born from a deep-seated commitment to safeguarding and empowering healthcare professionals. Their cutting-edge app stands as a testament to this commitment, providing members with the tools to book shifts, manage compliance, revalidation, showcase availability, and access transparent information about payments and rewards.

This approach ensures Novello Healthcare stands out, providing unmatched compensation compared to other agencies. With Apiko's technology solutions, Novello Healthcare not only prioritizes financial well-being but also upholds a commitment to exceptional care.

Novello healthcare software is purpose-built to cater to the unique needs of healthcare organizations. This all-encompassing software package comprises essential features, including scheduling, time tracking, candidate sourcing, and onboarding. It goes even further by ensuring organizations remain in compliance with regulatory requirements, particularly concerning employee certifications and licensing.

Moreover, healthcare staffing software allows organizations to maintain a vigilant watch over employee certifications and licenses, guaranteeing that all staff members adhere to regulatory mandates.

The entire process of staffing and managing nurses transformed

In the United Kingdom, healthcare organizations are increasingly adopting technology solutions to enhance the efficiency of their operations. Novello Healthcare software, tailored for the UK market, is explicitly crafted to cater to the distinctive needs of these organizations.

This software plays a pivotal role in:
  • Staff schedule management
  • Automating administrative tasks
  • Ensuring strict compliance with regulatory requirements
These future-proof technologies hold the potential to transform the healthcare industry by:
  • Automating administrative functions
  • Providing invaluable insights into patient care
  • Analyzing patient data
  • Identifying trends and patterns
  • Delivering more personalized and effective care to their patients

Novello Healthcare software empowers organizations to manage their workforce more effectively. With its ability to track employee time and attendance, healthcare organizations can rest assured that their staff members adhere to their assigned schedules. It also offers insights into optimizing the workforce, making operations more efficient.

For Novello Healthcare Apiko developed:
  • Versatile web platform
  • User-friendly mobile app tailored for seamless shift management

Novello Healthcare software is equipped with several key modules designed to streamline staffing processes and enhance efficiency for healthcare organizations.

The main features

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Profile management

Novello Healthcare simplifies the creation and management of staff profiles. It allows healthcare organizations to store and access essential information about their employees, such as qualifications, work experience, and certifications, in one centralized location.

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Compliance tracking

The software assists in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements by automating the monitoring and verification of employee credentials and certifications. This helps healthcare organizations maintain the highest standards of compliance.

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Candidate management

Novello Healthcare facilitates the entire candidate application process, from vetting and verification to scheduling interviews. It automates these tasks, saving time and reducing the potential for errors in the recruitment process.

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Efficient matching

The software enables staffing agencies to quickly identify qualified candidates for open shifts by storing and managing candidate information and professional details, such as skills and areas of work. This streamlines the process of matching candidates to available positions.

nurse shifts app
Timesheet management

Novello Healthcare includes a timesheet management module to track the time worked by temporary staff. This ensures accurate and timely payment to temporary employees, reducing administrative burdens and errors.

nursing shifts app

The software automates the invoicing process, generating invoices based on timesheet data. This streamlines billing and ensures that healthcare providers are billed accurately and promptly.

What our client says

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Jane Couper

Jane Couper

Co-founder & CEO
We are regularly receiving 10/10 on our feedback forms, our average is 9.4 which is exceptional and really happy with this.We have 317 compliant nurses, so overachieved on that!Post MVP, our next target is 500 nurses booking shifts through the app each week. We want to get to this by end of July 2024.

Why choose Novello Healthcare software?

Simplified staffing

The software simplifies the staffing process by automating candidate applications, vetting, verification, and compliance management. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors associated with manual data entry.

Increased efficiency

It enhances the efficiency of staffing agencies by facilitating the quick and easy identification of qualified candidates for open positions. Candidate information, including qualifications and work experience, is efficiently stored and managed, streamlining the matching process.

Reduced administrative tasks

Novello Healthcare reduces administrative tasks by automating timesheet management and invoicing. This allows staffing agencies to allocate more time and resources to essential tasks like recruitment and staff management.

Enhanced collaboration

The software promotes collaboration between staffing agencies and healthcare providers by providing real-time updates on staffing needs. This allows for more efficient staffing solutions, ultimately leading to improved patient care.

For healthcare providers in the UK, utilizing timesheet software is essential for effective management of temporary staff. This software offers specific benefits for UK healthcare organizations:

Compliance with UK employment regulations

Timesheet software in the UK ensures that temporary staff are paid in accordance with UK labor laws. This compliance not only reduces legal risks but also guarantees accurate and timely payment.

Simplified payroll

Timesheet software in the UK simplifies payroll processes by generating reports based on timesheet data. This simplification ensures accurate and timely payments to temporary staff, minimizing administrative complexities.

Novello Healthcare software, with its comprehensive modules and numerous benefits, stands as a valuable asset for healthcare organizations, simplifying staffing processes and increasing operational efficiency.

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Novello's pioneering nursing shifts app stands as a beacon of excellence in the healthcare industry. With Apiko's expertise and innovation, this app has achieved remarkable milestones, including fostering high customer loyalty, facilitating 100 weekly nurse engagements, and providing a superior user experience.

The seamless onboarding process further ensures that healthcare providers and professionals can swiftly harness the app's benefits. Notably, Novello's commitment to cost-effectiveness is evident in its practice of capping hospital fees at a mere 33% of the industry standard, all while upholding the highest standards of care quality.

Novello Healthcare and Apiko have truly redefined the landscape of healthcare staffing, promising a brighter, more efficient future for all involved.