How We Created a Project Management Software - Case Study

How We Created a Project Management Software - Case Study

To be a successful Project Manager you need to keep abreast of all important tasks, quickly react to any changes, effectively communicate with your team, and always stay on top of things.

To be a top-notch Project Manager, you need to find or create a right tool that will make all the mentioned work smarter, not harder.

Project Management Software is just the thing. But finding one that fits your organization may require a little bit of struggle.

In this article, we want to share our experience developing a powerful project management software for teams Hive, used by leading companies, such as Pinterest, WeWork, Uber, Nike, and SalesForce.

Hive companies

Project Management Software Features

Development of Project Management Software requires a deep understanding of a company`s needs. First of all, let`s outline the basic features it should have.

According to GetApp Survey, 74% of project managers use between two and five tools for project management in total. 5% use more than 10 tools! Why is it so? The answer is obvious.

When it comes to building a project management software, there is no all-purpose solution. Everyone is using different tools, depending on project, team, and manager. This is why integrations and two-way synchronizations are the main project management software requirements.

PM software features

During this survey, correspondents have also answered a question “Which features do you consider "must have" that are missing from your project management software”? Here are the answers.

Must have PM software features

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These results perfectly display the gap in the project management software market. Moreover, it means that project managers are ready to pay more for the software that offers task management, collaboration, budget management, and integrations.

Exactly these features are included in project management software developed by Apiko - Hive. Let`s dive into how it works and what are its main differences from other project management tools.

What Is Hive

Hive welcome screen

Hive is a cozy place for busy teams, that combines everything you need for effective project management. One of its advantages is a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface. Everything your team needs is on one page, so you will not get lost among the number of pages and tabs.

How It Works

It takes only several minutes to register and start working. To do this, you have to sign in with Google or Slack or just put your name, e-mail, and password.


After that create a name for your workspace.

Hive workspace

Now, you have to put 3 items you need to do today in your Hive action list.

Hive workspace

Great! Now it's time to invite your coworkers, so you can test the app for Project Management together!

Hive workspace

And finally, connect the tools you use for file storage and sharing.

Hive workspace

That`s all! Time to get acquainted with the main Hive features.

Hive Features

When creating a tool for Project Management, it is essential to include really useful features. Here is the list of the main features Hive offers for teams and companies of any size.

  • Project management
  • Status tracking
  • Task management
  • Testing/QA Management
  • Calendar view
  • File sharing
  • Idea management
  • Milestone tracking
  • Chat groups
  • Direct messages
  • Integration of messages from other tools you use
  • Task importing from Asana, Trello, Basecamp, etc.

Let`s review them in more detail!

Project Management

  • To do lists

You can create actions for yourself and your team, keep them organized with labels, attachments, and deadlines.

  • Status View

Easily control and change the status of your actions.

  • Gantt Chart

Lay out all the steps towards your goal with Gantt Chart!

Team Communication

  • Groups

Organize all your messages in groups, and forget about sorting out a bunch of letters.

  • Direct Messages

Communicate privately with right people.

  • Automatic Updates

Now all the messages from the tools you use can be integrated in Hive! Be always available!

Access to All Your Files and Folders
  • Drag and drop files

Access all your files from your Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive accounts, drag and drop them into messages and attach files to actions.

Simple Workflow

Use a Hive action templates to automatically assign tasks the same way every time.

Import Tasks from the Tools You Use

No need to start everything from scratch. Just import all your tasks from the tools you use. Hive is integrated with Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and even more!

Hive Advantages

Here are the main advantages of Hive compared to Asana, Trello, SmartSheet.

  • Simple drag and drop functionality
  • User-friendly interface, no training needed
  • Over 100 integrations
  • Native Slack integration
  • Customizable design (you can use your company`s logo and corporate colors)
  • Direct linking from shared drive
  • Gantt Chart

Development of Project Management Software is a flexible process, as each company strives to continuously improve its workflow. Only sky is the limit, so we are currently working on this project with Hive team and adding new functionality. We truly believe that this tool for Project Management will make the workflow of different teams and companies more organized and effective.