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build p2p marketplace

Building the video meeting P2P marketplace platform for PROs and reinforcing its feature-set to deliver flawless performance

Short overview


Michael Rokosh

Rostyslav Pidburachynskyi

Taras Protsyshyn

Vadym Myronov

Ruslan Vasylenko


Jun 2017 - Present


Web and mobile


Expert P2P marketplace




Mobile development, web development (front-end, back-end), dedicated team, QA testing

Short overview

  • Team:

    Michael Rokosh
    Rostyslav Pidburachynskyi
    Taras Protsyshyn
    Vadym Myronov
    Ruslan Vasylenko
  • Time:

    Jun 2017 - Present

  • Platform:

    Web and mobile

  • Industry:

    Expert P2P marketplace

  • Country:


  • Services:

    Mobile development, web development (front-end, back-end), dedicated team, QA testing

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About the client

From the very beginning, P2P marketplace Motipio was designed as an application empowering experts to monetize their consultations via live chats. Bearing in mind our new life conditions during the coronavirus pandemic, the functionality was rebuilt with new features, including video meetings and premium conferences held by numerous industry PROs.

project idea

Project idea

Motipio is a React Native mobile Expert Marketplace with a Web-based Admin dashboard. It also provides the web version, that may be activated through the QR code, scanned with the mobile device.
Motipio connects Advisors, that offer services, with other Regular users, who need professional help, advice or consultation ASAP. It makes video meetings and live chats with right experts or advisors for any problem extremely easy to book and attend. Besides, the P2P marketplace platform a win-win solution both for Advisors, as it’s a very convenient tool to sell their consultant services or stay in touch with clients and for Consumers, looking for some help especially in COVID-19 realia.



Over the entire period of our partnership, Apiko team passed through multiple releases and developed 3 updated versions of an application. Eventually, we get the ultimate tool to instantly consult with user’s favorite Experts and watch their premium Live VideoCasts or become a PRO by themselves. The community of experts includes people of different occupations, including doctors, lawyers, coaches, tutors, celebrities, influencers and many other qualified and verified advisors. During the P2P marketplace development process, we’ve been focused on providing simplicity, efficiency and flexibility of the platform, so our team carefully analysed the input data, existing materials, examples of the design and the list of needed features.

Challenges & solutions

See the challenges and solutions we’ve offered to our clients

  • Analyze the provided mockups, design and layouts to get the deeper understanding of the end-goal, target audience and the concept of an app

  • Define the scope of work, pass through 3 rounds of development and build up 3 versions of an application one by one

  • Add numerous features, according to the approved roadmap, design the architecture for the application, manage DevOps processes

starting point
  • Starting Point

    Here’s the input data, we’ve been provided with:

  • Layouts with the platform designs, examples of wireframes and mockups

  • Provided API, that has been audited for bug fixing and defining weak points to be offset with custom functionality

  • The list of must-have features and requirements to be developed and implemented on our side

research and analytics
  • Research & Analysis

    During the period of our partnership, we’ve run through the following basic stages:

  • Concept development stage (aka discovery phase), to bring the most complex software vision to life with our leading full-cycle custom application development service 

  • Investigating the input data to get the deeper understanding of the niche, industry standards and upcoming trends 

  • Scaling up the platform architecture and scratching the roadmap of development processes 

  • All the efforts made resulted in:

  • The well-thought, refined mobile application with a web-based Admin dashboard, without bugs and operational gaps

  • Carefully considered concept development plan, that ensures operational resilience and agility

  • 3 updates of the version of an application to configure its performance and architecture to users’ needs as much as possible, taking into account previous growth points

How does the P2P marketplace platform work?


Explore Experts’ profile information to find out how they can help you

Pick up the advisor you need via built-in search module

Arrange an instant consultations with the Expert you’re looking for

Submit a request and get your answers in 1 click through Voice Call, Video, or Chat


Pay exactly for the consultation time as per the displayed rates

Pay per minute for watching your Expert’s Video or pay once for their full clip

Get notified about your Expert’s Live Video Conferences

Easily share the links of your trusted Experts with your friends


Become an Expert by yourself, contacting Motipio managers through the form

Monetize your expertise and be helpful to other use


P2P marketplace integrations the product with the following services


Building a P2P marketplace: The outcome

Our technical leadership in defining project-level architecture, including design, infrastructure and data architecture, helped Motipio to establish an accelerated and robust platform development cycle, ensuring smooth delivery and reduced time to market. As a result, the delivered application boasts flying performance and seamless user experience.

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