B2B sales management software for mobile network

Country: Germany

Scope of Work: Backend development, software code refactoring, database migration.



Traditionally, a B2B sales management platform requires a strict security, on-demand functionality, and on the whole, considerable software flexibility. pro.con is a German telecommunication company that was founded in 2008. This software is a comprehensive solution for network operators and distributors to sell mobile phone deals, hardware, and manage contracts. pro.con is fuelled by advanced functionality that greatly optimize internal and external work, commission, and contract management.

The Founder and CEO of pro.con has applied to Apiko Team in order to breathe new life into the platform:

Conduct software code refactoring

Migrate database from MySQL to MongoDB

Develop a set of new advanced features


pro.con is aimed to provide business owners (whether you operate partner shops, agencies or free shops), sales managers, and distributors with the error-free software that allows to

1Manage internal processes
2Control contract deals
3Control commission claims
4Communicate with potential and current customers

pro.con needed an experienced partner who could complete all the tasks without breaking off the current work.

Technology Stack

We’ve utilized the set of mobile JS-based technologies mostly to provide the great app’s usability on both mobile platforms

Scope of Work

Code refactoring

Apiko development and QA teams undertook code refactoring in order to clarify, simplify the design of existing code. This process optimized further development as well as eliminate issues during software performance

Code refactoring

Database migration from MySQL to MongoDB

After thorough investigation, we have decided to switch to MongoDB in order to speed up the system, make the software easily evolved with the custom business requirements, and reduce engineering work

Custom features development

Contract Management1

Sales manager can easily track required information about contract, its duration and details, calculate commission per each contract and item sold.

Commission control2

When a sales manager closes a deal the corresponding commission appears in the list. When the sales manager has received a credit from the network provider, it’s possible to tick off the paid commissions from the credit in pro.con and mark them as "paid".

Apart from this the business manager or sales person can receive a credit in CSV format from the network provider and check out the commissions. If the network operator has paid an incorrect amount or has not paid any commissions, you can create a reminder with resubmission.

Additional commissions management3

With pro.con you can set up a great variety of additional commissions based on target scales, push commissions, quality and bonus commissions.

Statistics 4

pro.con allows business owners to analyse employees profitability, evaluate sales process, and track majo KPI.

Shop commissions5

This sales management solution provides its customers with the functionality that allows shops set their goals and achieve them. Payoff has proven to be particularly effective once a goal has been reached.

Marketing automation6

pro.con also includes marketing automation features allowing users send automated SMS, emails. Company can send messages with greetings, special offers, sales announcements.


Ultimately, having met all client’s requirements, Apiko Team contributed to pro.con success. Significantly improved B2B sales management platform provides its users with robust software that enhances both internal and external processes.

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