5 Stages of Development At Apiko: The Way We've Become Better Managers

5 Stages of Development At Apiko: The Way We've Become Better Managers

Workflow organization in product development is one of the factors that results in the way you’re going to unveil your project to the world. The significant part of app’s or marketplace platform’s virality depends on the way you manage the work within your team. In this eBook we offer you to take a look at 5 stages of product development that we’ve built in the process of cooperation with our customers. Apiko has surely lived through various ups and downs, but in the end of the day, we’ve found this ‘middle ground’ in the face of these 5 steps to pay attention to.

What 5 stages exactly have helped us to become better managers?

Step 1

Concept development. This is an initial part of development, which includes such, let’s say, sub-tasks:

  • Business analysis

This stage helps us grasp the idea behind your marketplace project even better

Step 2

UX/UI development. When we’ve reached an agreement on all of the aspects from the previous stage, we start coordinated creative process on your product together, which consists of:

  • Brand identity

  • UI design

  • UX design

Step 3

Web, mobile app development. It’s the main step that requires the right time and task planning. This stage includes:

Step 4

Quality assistance. Here we’re slowly approaching the ‘release’ part. We check meticulously if everything is in the right place and works as planned. That’s why Apiko tries to carry the following tasks on the top level:

Step 5

Web, mobile application support.

We, at Apiko, feel empathy for each client, which is why we provide customer support for each project type.

  • For an MVP-type project, you may be sure to get 3-month project support to fix minor application issues and bugs after the project is launched.

  • Companies, which raised a new round of investment or consider extending existing app functionality, may rely on Apiko for further support. We develop your next project iterations and milestones.