6 Best AI Chatbot Apps: Improve Customer Experience for Your Business

6 Best AI Chatbot Apps: Improve Customer Experience for Your Business

With constant developments in AI, we have more and more opportunities to engage with our clients and provide better customer experience. Chatbots and chatbot apps have won a large number of admirers for businesses across the globe, but why do people love them so much?

Whether it is a messaging app integrated into a social network or a stand-alone chatbot app, many of these smart assistants use AI to help us with our questions and tasks, like ordering services, managing our schedule and finances, or getting advice on healthcare problems. But before looking at the best AI chatbot apps, let’s learn what they really are and what benefits they bring. 

What is a chatbot app?

A Chatbot is a messaging app that interacts with users in the form of programmed answers based on user input. Another type of chatbot is an AI chatbot that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze many user data and adjust its replies to client queries according to their intentions. This focus on users and promptness in understanding user needs increase the positive user experience to a large degree.

How effective are chatbots?

Our lives are fast, that’s why we want provided service also to be easily accessible and straightforward. Chatbots and chatbot apps perfectly correspond to the way we are used to interacting with the world. They make our lives more comfortable and easy by automating day-to-day operations and providing relevant information or services.

According to the research conducted by Drift, the traditional online experience has proved to be not entirely efficient. The main problems consumers struggle with arise when they can’t get answers to simple questions quickly, or it takes too long to find some information on the websites. That’s where chatbots come in handy.

Chatbots provide us with undoubted benefits of ongoing access, instant responses, and useful communication. No wonder there is a rise in demand for chatbots as more and more people reach for them in their daily lives. 

With all this in mind, let’s dive in to discover the best AI chatbot apps and see what all the buzz is about!

1. Mitsuku

With this smartest chatbot, you will never feel lonely again. You will have a virtual friend to talk to 24 hours a day. Mitsuku is an 18-year-old girl, who has been a five-time winner of Leobner prize and has been recognized as the most human-like AI chatbot.

She can talk with you for hours and respond most humanly. Unlike other robot chatting apps, she can sense your mood based on your language and learn from you. The more you talk to her the smarter she becomes. Mitsuku app uses supervised machine learning, so only knowledge approved by a human manager will remain in the app. 

2. Lark

Have you been looking for an effective fitness app? There are a lot of them, but none as helpful and supportive as Lark. It doesn’t just track your productivity, Lark is your virtual companion, which will make the process of losing weight more pleasant than ever.

It will chat with you like a friend and a fitness trainer at the same time, providing encouragement and keeping track of your progress. On your way to better health, it will tell you your activity levels, sleep and diet patterns using AI health coaching to provide best possible results. 

Lark offers instant, customized, ongoing support and guidance to help you make better decisions for your health. It will not judge you, but rather motivate and encourage you to keep doing the healthy things. We all need such a friend!

3. Digit

If you struggle with saving money, then Digit may become your go-to app. This financial chatbot app, powered by artificial intelligence, will help you achieve your goals by saving money for you.

On a regular basis, it will remember to transfer some of your money to the savings account, so you don’t have to trouble yourself with it anymore. This smart financial assistant analyses your income and spending habits and automatically moves the perfect amount to your personal FDIC-protected Digit account. All you need to do is give Digit access to your checking account and it will do the rest to help you manage your money in the most convenient way.

Digit also makes its users aware of how well they are doing and how much they managed to save. You can withdraw your money anytime by simply telling Digit to do so. Saving for your future is no longer a problem with this useful chatbot application.

4. English with Andy – Chat and Learn

Andy is a great example of an educational chatbot app. It is a personal English teacher, who will help its users learn and practice English. With this app, everyone can learn the language by actually using it in a conversation.

This helpful assistant offers you to learn some new words, practice grammar and play language games on a daily basis. Also, Andy includes audios of the messages, so learners can work on their listening and pronunciation skills too.

It can discuss various topics in English like travel, movies, some curious facts, and correct any grammar mistakes without making you feel shy. In language learning, what can be more practical than having a friendly and always available bot?

5. Your.MD

Your.MD is an innovation that can improve society, as was suggested by the prestigious Unesco/Netexplo Award in 2017. This free platform provides relevant health information based on highly accurate sources and lets the user decide what is best for his/her health. In its essence, this chatbot application is basically a symptom checker powered by artificial intelligence.

Moreover, it’s also a great source where you can track and journal your health and find various useful information from the analysis of different symptoms to the location of pharmacies and hospitals nearby.

6. Woebot: Your Self-Care Expert  

Woebot is a friendly and supportive self-care expert. It is a winner of the 2019 Google Play Award for "standout well-being apps". It will help you learn about yourself with intelligent mood-tracking and guide you through difficult situations using tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Woebot promises to give you an opportunity to talk about your worries, and in return it will show you empathy and provide some counseling. You will be able to discover how to cope with stress, problems, grief in your life and how to live happier without being controlled by anxiety.

Why your business needs a chatbot

While the chatbot market is growing rapidly, investing in a digital assistant becomes necessary due to the rise in demand. More and more customers prefer self-serving options rather than asking a person for help. Chatbots will provide your users with better and faster service, which customers are sure to appreciate.

Apart from a chatbot presence on a website or in social media, many companies choose to build reliable and first-rate stand-alone apps, not as components of social networks, but as a single business.  In this article, we could see great chatbot examples of the apps, but they are not the limit in this industry.

For more inspiration, check out our portfolio to learn from the experience of other companies and how software engineering services can bring your business to a new level! Contact our team of experts who can help you bring your big ideas to life.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do Chatbots use NLP?

AI chatbots can meaningfully interpret and respond to human language inputs. This process is based on NLP, which provides interactions between human and computer languages. AI chatbot’s output is not predetermined, but it can understand the context and meaning of the text through Natural Language Processing to provide the best fitting response.

How do Chatbots learn?

By using Machine Learning chatbots are trained to develop their own understanding of the text. To train a chatbot, you have to ‘feed' it with more data. The data contains the set of questions and answers which should be relevant to your niche. Based on this, chatbot learns what are the best possible answers and what to do if there are some irrelevant queries.