Review of B2B Marketplaces for Suppliers and Distributors: Their Features and Business Model

Review of B2B Marketplaces for Suppliers and Distributors: Their Features and Business Model

Modern B2B consumers expect to get digitally-enhanced services and experiences. Multi-channel strategy, B2C shopping experience, assortment increase and automation of sales process - this is what suppliers and distributors require from B2B e-commerce platforms.

Let's review some of the best B2B online marketplaces for suppliers and distributors, their main features, business model, and the strategies they use to satisfy their customers' needs.

B2B marketplaces for suppliers and distributors


B2B food marketplace

First, FoodByUs was launched as a B2C marketplace that offered freshly-baked food from home-based cooks in your local area. However, the founders started to receive a number of calls from the cafes that wanted to delight their customers with exceptional food choice. As the result, they have switched their business model to B2B.

FoodByUs is a B2B marketplace that connects buyers (cafes, restaurants, food service businesses) with local foodservice suppliers. They have their own network of vetted suppliers and cover a full spectrum of products your foodservice may need. With FoodByUs, Australian buyers get a full support in sales, logistics, and online order management.


For suppliers

  • Online sales

The team promotes your products in cafes, restaurants, hotels, as well as online on their B2B marketplace.

- Fast delivery

Suppliers can easily deliver their products to customers with the help of FoodByUS drivers. The software creates the best delivery roots and lets you GPS-track your products.

- Online dashboard

Suppliers can create their own prices, production schedule and manage food business via their own dashboards.

For buyers

  • Get access to the network of suppliers and ability to add their own suppliers
  • Compare prices and delivery options
  • Set favorite and standing orders
  • Fast registration and flexible payment options (credit or debit cards)
  • Customized solutions
  • Ability to find new suppliers on the marketplace

Business model

FoodByUs neither charges buyers nor marks up supplier prices. They take a small fee from the supplier for anything sold through the platform.


Retrolux marketplace

Retrolux is a B2B lightning marketplace and software that connects manufacturers with buyers. It provides energy efficiency software for electrical distributors, utilities, and contractors. Manufacturers and suppliers can connect with their buyers, load their products and pricing info, create teams and accelerate the sales process.

Their B2B sales platform includes audits, proposals, product selection, analytics, financing and commissioning and reduces the paperwork of lighting companies.


- Sales forecasting and market analytics

Manufacturers get access to their buyer’s sales pipeline, so they can fully control the buying process, find the gaps in the sales funnel and improve their relationships with clients.

- Reduce errors and omissions, control prices

Manufacturers can join the Project team and review product specifications for possible errors before the purchase.

- Financial metrics

Lightning providers can connect with property managers, communicate with them, get proposal options, financial metrics, and pay online.

- Project management

Suppliers and manufacturers are provided with the dashboards, where they can track their costs, reporting, project status, team members, etc.

Business model

Retrolux takes a 7% transaction fee on all products sold by vendors on the platform. They give all the technology tools and workflow platform to the buyers for free with premium third-party apps available for 25% fee.

B2B Wave

B2B Wave marketplace

B2B Wave is an e-commerce solution for distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers. It enables wholesale and manufacturing businesses quickly create their e-commerce platforms to manage orders online and improve their sales.


  • B2B customer portal

B2B customer portal enables users to create personalized product offers per customer, upload your branded product catalog, view product pages, communicate with customers, and accept online payments.

- Sales representative portal

With sales representative portal, managers can create customer accounts, create and manage orders, generate reports, and take orders on the go.

- Price list configuration

Manufacturers and suppliers can set multiple price tiers for their customer segments manage multiple Sales Tax / GST/ VAT rules, set discounts per customer, specific categories or orders.

- Integrations and tools

B2B wave is integrated with Google Analytics, accounting systems, CRMs, and inventory management tools. Users can also export and import data in different formats, download catalogs, export order details to Xero or Quickbooks online.

- Reporting and analytics

With the help of the reporting feature, distributors can track their monthly sales, review the performance of their sales representatives, review product sales, and generate custom reports.

Business model

Billing for monthly or annual packages


Ordrr marketplace

Ordrr is a B2B platform for the food industry that connects commercial buyers (hotels, restaurants, cafes) to the food suppliers.


For suppliers

- Showcase multiple photos of the products

Suppliers can create their own digital catalogs, upload photos of their products and set multiple price points.

- Sales management

Suppliers have an opportunity to use cross-sell and up-sell features, request custom quotations, and manage sales right from the personalized dashboard.

- Reporting

With the help of reporting and analytics tools, suppliers can measure the effectiveness of their sales, print their transaction history, analyze product and customer engagement, as well as receive messages and notifications.

For buyers

  • E-procurement management
  • Custom quotation
  • Get live updates on the delivery
  • Get insights on your spendings
  • Evaluate the cost structure
  • Keep track of your account payables for on credit purchases


sales management in B2B

Сontalog is a commercial platform for B2B selling. It centralizes inventory management system and makes it easy to manage sales across multiple sales channels, maintain bulk uploads, track exports, control products, and maximize selling opportunities.


  • Placing orders
  • Keeping track of orders status (active, finalized, fulfilled, void)
  • Order and transaction history of all consumers
  • Order analytics to find out the products best-sellers and top procurers
  • Product categorization
  • Inventory management
  • Digital catalog

Business Model

Contalog offers three subscription plans: Standard, professional, and enterprise + 30-days free trial.

Now you've got some inspiration on what benefits modern B2B marketplace platforms offer. Check out also more features of B2B marketplaces and their business model.

Have any questions about starting this kind of business? Don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

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