Free Ebook: B2B E-commerce Platform Strategy and Business Model

If you are on the way to building a B2B marketplace platform for your company - this Ebook will become your truthful guide.

It combines useful tips for everything from B2B platform benefits for manufacturers and retailers to must-have features, integrations, and revenue models.

Use these strategies and tips as a customizable pattern for your future or existing product. Let’s jump right into the contents to better understand its idea.

  • Why might you need to create a B2B marketplace
  • B2B marketplace benefits
  • Things to know before launching a B2B ecommerce platform
  • How to create branding identity and why it’s important B2B online marketplace features
  • How to improve procurement and sourcing on your platform
  • Monetization of B2B marketplace. How B2B marketplaces make money (with examples)

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