Build a Mobile Marketplace With React Native. The Scale of Benefits and Drawbacks [PDF]

Build a Mobile Marketplace With React Native. The Scale of Benefits and Drawbacks [PDF]

In this PDF we’d like to unveil the topic on React Native development specifics and this technology’s pains and gains. How to build an online marketplace for mobile devices powered with React Native?

How can React Native development boost your mobile marketplace idea? How is the framework different from native development? Is it a worthy alternative to Java or Swift app development?

In this React Native PDF, we’ll try to answer all of the questions above and even more. After scanning through this PDF, you’ll:

  • Get acquainted with React Native technology and the general idea behind this UI framework. Why might you want to start building a two-sided marketplace platform with this technology?

  • Learn about gains you can reach using React Native for mobile marketplace platform development

  • Explore pains you should be aware of when building mobile marketplace app

  • Get a list of React Native developer tools (like Expo, Redux, etc.) that smoothen the entire process of product creation

  • See our portfolio items and personal experience on React Native projects development

Learn about all React Native ins and outs and figure out if this technology suits for building a two-sided mobile marketplace.


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