Building a Two Sided Marketplace: Moving From MVP to Enterprise

Building a Two Sided Marketplace: Moving From MVP to Enterprise

Are your product is already on the market for some time and you have no idea how to expand it even more? Here’s an eBook ‘How To Grow Your Online Marketplace From MVP to Enterprise?’ which will help you to learn how to gain larger and relevant users database for your B2B, B2C or C2C marketplace project. We’ve prepared the material in which we’ll unveil the following points:

  • MVP product which you've already presented on the market but don’t know where to move next. In this part, we consider what are the stages of startup development and what are the signs which point out that your project is more than the startup now?

  • Reasons why you’re still on the MVP stage. What can possibly lag you behind? How can you cross that ‘startup status’ stage?

  • How to build an online marketplace which would include the must-have functionality for your users (and even a little bit more)? How to scale your marketplace features and customers database at the same time?

  • What are 3rd party integrations you might find necessary for your marketplace platform? Why are integrations important?

We’ve crafted this PDF in hope that it will assist you with your business endeavors moving your web/mobile marketplace platform from MVP to enterprise. Why not download it then ;)?