Food Industry Trends to Get Some Inspiration From

We have seen Finance, Banking, Healthcare, Education, and Entertainment industries to benefit from their cooperation with the IT sector. Today, the Food industry is on the rise. A decade or two ago, we did not imagine having a consumer demand for things like local and organic food delivery, food logistics transparency, and waste from grocery products relief. Thus, investors see the Food industry as a new bonanza, and invest billions in food services start-ups.

According to China Daily US edition reports about 40% of respondents make reservations via online platforms, and 80% prefer not to use cash to pay bills.

We have prepared a few amazing Food industry trends for you to get inspired and to get some ideas on the development of your own mobile app.

Delivering Restaurant Food

As term-coined by R.Metcalfe in his UberEATS, an application for rendering food delivery services, is now available in 80 cities around the world, serving in over 40 cities in North America.


Waste Reduction & Hunger Relief

MealConnect , a technology platform launched in 2017 , aims to bring hunger relief by connecting donors, surplus food suppliers, and food banks with their partners. The food waste gets reduced, and companies that provide donations can also benefit from the tax reduction.


Monitoring the Ethics of Product Origin

Where does the coffee come from? For those who are interested, there is an interesting solution – bext360. Designed to track a supply chain of coffee brands, it also answers the question whether the aroma drink of your choice has been ethically sourced; whereas, the ethical classification is based on the fair-price paid to the local communities that harvest and brew the product.


Tracking Food Logistics

Arc-net , another food tracking platform, monitors the logistics of the food you buy, the supply chain transparency and brand security achieved. They say, the goal that has triggered the platform development is to protect current and future generations’ health. Advantageous for companies delivering quality products, the solution applies big data analysis to introduce confidence in food supply chains.


Food Quality Inspection

Lotpath Inspector , a mobile app for performing food inspections, has been created to equip retail managers to choose the best harvest and save buying costs correspondingly. Designed mostly for retail buying processes support, the app has both out-of-the-box inspection scenarios and custom ones. The app equips the inspections’ staff with relevant photos checking / sharing option, promoting the Food industry quality maintenance.


Product Ingredients Analysis

Clear Labs is bringing together the genomic analysis and big data tools to the Food industry by analyzing food at the molecular level. The platform provides better food ingredients’ transparency, including the availability of tests on GMO and pathogens. With the threats hiding at the molecular level minimized, the app is supposed to improve the quality of food and promote a healthy lifestyle.


Intermediary Services Provider

The Food industry demand to keep in touch with the IT sector has been noticed by the Mixing Bowl. A project was developed back in 2013 to connect people who produce food with the ones who engineer tech solutions. Forums, advisory services and funding activities are the key instruments of the Mixing Bowl on their way to stimulate the adoption of IT innovation in the Food and agriculture industries.


Before You Go

Life is rapidly changing and the Food industry is evolving along the modern world digitalization. It’s astonishing how many food-related activities we do now via mobile applications, starting from ordering restaurant food up to researching the ethics of food production. The Food industry is the new black for start-ups, so don’t lose the opportunity to break into a market with the life changing idea.