List of Meteor JS Apps and Source Code Examples

List of Meteor JS Apps and Source Code Examples

Clients often ask us if Meteor is appropriate for their application.

The correct choice of a platform for building web and mobile apps is one of the most important tasks for a successful startup development.

We have gathered a small list of applications whose founders chose Meteor. You can test these applications, and in some cases even check out their open source code.

P.S. Before jumping into the list, you can also check out our Meteor projects.

Databazel app

The analytical and reporting solution for MongoDB

Astronomer app

Platform for real-time user behavior data.

Workpop app

Workpop is a completely free service for the best employers and candidates in LA. Unlimited job postings, rich tools, and the best candidates, all for free. - Raised $7.9 Million in funding

Pintask app

Task tracker with Kanban board, free for life + custom extensions


Mathfights app

Platform for real-time math battles with built-in analytics for analyzing your results.

Reactioncommerce app

Reaction Commerce is a reactive, open source ecommerce platform built with JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Meteor, CoffeeScript, Bootstrap, and Docker.

Illustreets app

Flexible data mapping SaaS solution for building interactive maps and reports.

Doopoll app

A platform for creating real-time polls and engaging with your audience.

Crowducateme app

A free platform for creating courses.

Getliquid app

Data management platform for real-time data collection, sharing, and analysis.

Mixmax app

Sales automation platform for Gmail, Google Inbox, and Salesforce.

Sandstorm app

Self-hostable web productivity suite for running your own server.

Lookback app

Platform for user-experience recording, that allows you to see the screen, voice, face, and touches of your users.

Classcraft app

Web-based and iOS game for classrooms, used by over 18,000 teachers in 50 countries. The iOS game uses ObjectiveDDP library - iOS DDP client for connecting to Meteor servers.

Getmagicnow app

A startup that got viral on TechCrunch and Hacker News has built its internal software on Meteor.

Verso app

Beautiful mobile hybrid app available in both Google Play and AppStore. A desktop/mobile/phonegap application to help teachers 'flip' a classroom - in other words to enhance learning by engaging with content and other students digitally at home and performing exercises in class with the teacher.

Verso app

Collect and analyze the movements of clients based on their signal from wifi hotspots in a building.

Grovelabs app

Grove builds beautiful products to make local, healthy food accessible to everyone on the planet.

Chaser app

Your invoices paid on time, automatically. Spend less time chasing invoices. Improve your cashflow with Chaser credit control for Xero.

Meteorkitchen app

Source code generator for Meteor.

Blonk app

Blonk is a mobile job search app built by a single developer.

Knotable app

Knotable is made up of knotes. Knotes hold ideas, conversations and files. Knotes are grouped by Knotepads.

Torshtalent app

Private space to practice, receive coaching, mentor others and build community.

Growthtools app

The ultimate database of growth hacking and marketing tools

Tronko app

Chat app that lets you recommend and get recommendations of movies and TV shows from your friends.

Orion app

Simple and powerful framework for Meteor apps.

If you know any other applications written with Meteor, feel free to share them with us.

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