MeteorJS Learning Resources

MeteorJS Learning Resources

If you are looking for a quick, productive, and efficient method of making your idea of application real then you should probably try Meteor JS. Meteor has recently become a basic framework for start-ups

Mastering Meteor and mastering the art of creating dynamic web-apps can be possible with the help of online courses, video and audio files, interesting articles, formal materials, and communication in specialized communities. 

We collected a number of resources for a full-fledged study of Meteor. If you are a beginner in custom web development, we recommend you start learning from JavaScript, and then proceed with learning front-end and back-end development. After mastering these instruments you will be able to cope with Meteor easily and quickly.




So, for studying JavaScript you can choose one of the online courses, the most popular books or video courses. 

Whether you would like to be a professional developer or just want to pick it up for fun, learning front-end programming will be well-spent time for you. For studying front-end you can choose one of three popular framework:

Angular - Documentation


Ember - Guides and Tutorials

Certainly, you will need cooperation with a server. Therefore we recommend familiarizing yourself with Node.JS.

Node.JS - API

Then we can proceed to learning Meteor and you will get first results very soon. We divided resources into books, audios, videos and articles.

Meteor - Docs - Manual - Unofficial FAQ






If you mastered Meteor or, perhaps, you have questions, join Meteor communities. We have also prepared for you a collection of useful tools and packages.



Meteor Community and Chats

Take a look at the list of Meteor App and Source Examples

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