Point of Sale Apps: The Most Popular Features + Examples

Point of Sale Apps: The Most Popular Features + Examples


Time is money. This is the thought that guides most of the modern companies and people of the 21st century. Hundreds of new startups try to develop the software that will optimize the company's’ processes, and only very few of them become successful. To save managerial time and gain control over the outlets’ transactions, companies use POS (or Point of Sale) software. This software is evolving rapidly, and its latest features are mind-blowing. Today we are going to review some of them and analyze a few of the most popular POS restaurant apps.



The Most Popular Features of Top POS Apps Are:



1. Cloud-based backup, various devices synchronization


2. Stock management, inventory management


3. Customer loyalty programs, marketing campaigns


4. Intuitive panel, training materials, live support


5. Employee management, staff performance track


6. Compatibility / scalability / usability


7. Multiple outlets management, real time management


8. Business intelligence, data analytics, tax calculation


Below is the description of top POS apps, the research is based on Capterra’s rating :



Loyverse POS



Loyverse is a free point-of-sale app for Android and iOS released by a UK software company. Designed for small businesses (e.g. grocery stores, coffee shops, cafes, etc.), it’s very easy to navigate. Additional options include inventory management, multi-store management, and a dashboard for easy management.

Loyverse POS



As the name suggests (Loyal Universe is the product’s full name), Loyverse has a solid customer loyalty program. Its so-called ‘companion’ app is designed for your customers to run from their hardware. Sellers can use the app to create a loyalty program and send relevant notifications for their customers.






Being a full-cycle management software for hospitality and retail business, BIM POS also covers Back Office program with its tools for selling, recipe costing and production, table reservation, multi-chain franchise management, accounting, time and attendance tracking, marketing, etc.




Therefore, BIM POS solution functionality ranges from a front-end point of service and customer service tools to back-office operation management systems. The latest can be integrated with 3rd party ERP applications. Starting price for this Lebanon product license equals $500.



Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale



It’s a complete restaurant management system that one can use to take clients’ orders, bill them up, create varied reports, etc. The reports show a complete picture of a restaurant life cycle: menu consumption, reservation frequency, high load hours, busiest tables, the most active employees, payment methods, and tax calculations. Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale


User-driven, the Russian company owner claims they have implemented about 95% of all features requested by users. Abacre supports delivery management, gift card management, online ordering, orders management, separate and split checks, loyalty programs, table and tips management. Starting price per license equals $149.99.



POSsible Restaurant POS



Apart from its main function – order processing, POSsible Restaurant POS software offers a wide range of options for the hospitality industry: multiple integrated modules like customer and employee interfaces, and access to 100+ reports. The product’s features include dine-in and QSR features, table management, user-defined interface, multiple payment options, employee management. POSsible Restaurant POS


Made in the US, POSsible Restaurant POS is easy to navigate, which saves corporate training costs. However, according to the POS users, the key advantage of POSsible is its support team, which is available 24/7.



Boxy POS



Boxy is a free POS for restaurants, although live online support is available. The Israeli software supports PC, touch screens, and mobile devices, and only takes minutes to install and learn how to navigate. Its out-of-the-box features include remote access from anywhere in the world to your restaurant management, an automatic cloud backup, and the menu updates are available in real time.

Boxy POS



The product seems to be as effective as the paid ones, all the basic functionality available: delivery management, online ordering, order management, separate checks, split checks, supports loyalty program, table management, tips management.



eZee Burrp



Founded back in 2005 in India, this software is scalable and created for all the outlet types, no matter if it’s a single store or a nationwide food chain. The software also offers many modules for table reservation, resources management, and a kitchen display system for new orders.

eZee Burrp



Moreover, the app allows restaurant managers to handle the loyalty programs, promotions and gift vouchers, payrolls, etc. The integration of devices for taking orders is available as well as the web-based reporting feature that helps to keep track of the reports generated.



FoodZaps Mobile Ordering + POS System



This 3-year old Singapore app connects devices with the outlet management tools. The features of FoodZaps cover numerous outlets maintenance and connection, online and offline backup, simple setup, patent-pending technology of fail-free runtime, and an insightful data analysis.

FoodZaps Mobile Ordering



Additional benefits coincide with the software usability from any ordering device, including Android. Varied training possibilities are available – documentation, live online, in person, and webinars. FoodZaps clients report the live support to be quite useful.





To Take With You



Whether your business is a family pizza restaurant or a nationwide fast-food chain, the POS software is a must have to stand out and prosper, especially when it comes to B2C or B2B food marketplace development. POS app should be based on a profound analysis performed by the experienced researchers and marketers. So take your time and think about the needed features and goals to achieve before developing a POS app for your business.