Must-Visit Conferences For Startups In Fall 2017

Conferences are a real godsend for all startup owners. It’s a unique opportunity to create a word of mouth for their business and find investors who are ready to pour cash into its growth.

We have prepared a list of startup conferences and summits you can`t miss this fall.

TechCrunch Disrupt SF

TechCrunch Disrupt

When: September 18, 2017

Where: San-Francisco, California

Why it's worth visiting: One of the really useful things there is CrunchMatch program. It connects startup founders with investors and helps to schedule a mutual meeting. Except this, Disrupt is a great way to establish strong connections with the bright entrepreneurs, investors, and tech professionals.

Where else can you meet the CEOs of leading companies such as Pinterest, AngelList, Udacity, Y Combinator, and Intel, Vice President of engineering at Google, Vice President of Environment and Policy at Apple, and plenty of other inspiring people? Make time to buy the tickets before it's too late!


Slush conference

When: November 30 - December 1

Where: Helsinki

Why it`s worth visiting: Slush is a real finding for the startups that want to reach to investors directly. In 2016, it gathered over 2,300 start-ups, 1, 100 venture capitalists, and 600 journalists from more than 100 countries. Amazing, isn't it?

If you have a startup, Slush is a great opportunity to find customers, investors, mentors, and advertise your business on media. Founders also will have a chance to showcase their product at Startup square and draw a big audience around it.

On top of everything else, you will listen to the founders and CEOs of such companies as Planet, Lakestar, Zinga, BlaBlaCar, Spotify, Leap Motion, etc. Seriously, don`t miss this leading startup event!

Lean Startup Week

Lean Startup Week

When: November 2017

Where: San Francisco

Why it`s worth visiting: In 2017 this event is being built around the book of Eric Ries “The Startup Way”. It focuses on using entrepreneurial management as a core discipline of each enterprise. After the conference, each participant will receive the book`s copy.

During this event, the leaders of the startups and well-known companies will share their experience and give useful tips on how to bring your company to the new level.



When: November 2017

Where: New York

Why it`s worth visiting: TNW is all about speaking, listening, and getting inspiration from the experts in different industries. What can be better than getting precious knowledge first-hand? We have no idea. That`s why don`t wait and grab the opportunity.

Inc.conference 500/500

Inc.conference When: October 10-12, 2017

Where: Palm Desert, California

Why it`s worth visiting: Three days of conferences, networking, and, of course, fun. We believe that being in the setting of successful people makes you more creative and self-confident, not to mention the opportunity to speak with them face-to-face. This is a real catch for the startups!

Global Crowdfunding Convention

Crowdfunding Convention

When: October 23rd&24th

Where: Las-Vegas

Why it`s worth visiting: This is a great event for learning the best practices of crowdfunding, raising the capitals for your business, and networking with investors.

Wolves Summit

Wolves Summit

Why it's worth visiting: This conference is free for the startups! There you can find partners, clients, and get feedbacks about your product. In addition, the most impressive startups will receive assistance in finding the investor. This is definitely one of the the best events for the startups.


Then17 conference

When: October 8-10, 2017

Where: New Orleans, LA

Why it`s worth visiting: You will learn how to get the most out of your business by using the right marketing strategy. 175+ speakers will talk about their marketing experience and lessons they took out of it. The conference covers over 100 sessions, so everyone will find a lot of useful things for their business.

Now when you know about the upcoming conferences for the startups, take a moment and choose the event you like most. We truly believe that these conferences will open new horizons for your business!