Top 7 YouTube Channels for Developers to Subscribe

Top 7 YouTube Channels for Developers to Subscribe

Learning how to code is not easy. It’s hard to begin and even harder to continue. Newbies often find themselves stuck in Tutorial Hell (you know, when you’re past that 100th tutorial and still have no idea what you’re doing). Experienced developers lose their sleep over new technologies creeping around the corner.


When preparing for exams or trying to get your teeth into another framework, YouTube can be a lifesaver. The ever-growing YouTube dev community spews hundreds of programming content by the minute. Dozens of skilled software development influencers are willing to share their experience. Now, let’s quit talking and see what the best YouTube channels for developers can bring to the table.

Fun Fun Function

Subscribers: 227K

Videos: 252

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All jokes aside, Fun Fun Function is as fun as it sounds. Fun Fun Function is among top YouTube web developer channels and is perfect for JavaScript programmers regardless of their level. The first videos uploaded to the channel might come in handy for people curious about such concepts as functional programming, higher-order functions, recursion, promises, closures and much more in JS.

Find out how to use reduce() in JavaScript

More experienced developers will find a plethora of tutorials and in-depth discussions on various topics that might have them on tiptoe for quite some time. If you’re willing to discover best practices of unit testing in JavaScript or you’d like to code your own HTML editor like JSFiddle, Fun Fun Function is the right place: 

What are the benefits of unit testing your code?

Try coding a JSFiddle-like editor following this tutorial:

Who is behind Fun Fun Function?

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The person making coding fun is Mattias Petter Johansson or mpj, a brilliant JavaScript developer (although proficient in many other languages) with over 13 years of coding experience. Mattias has worked for such giants as Spotify and Absolute Vodka and has an ace up his sleeve when it comes to advanced concepts in programming. 

Programming is a job, and though rewarding, it can often be arduous and mentally straining. In addition to his usual tech videos, Mattias often shares his feelings and musings on mental health, work ethics, and emotional restraints. That said, Mattias is a web developer and personal development influencer that should be on your list to follow.

Does a developer need to be nice?


Subscribers: 342K

Videos: 342

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Have you ever been in Tutorial Hell? Have you ever felt like after watching a bazillion of tutorials you still can’t build something seemingly basic? If that’s the case, DevTips is your friend in need if you’re looking for insightful YouTube channels for web developers. 

How to Build a Responsive Website From Start to Finish

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DevTips was originally created by Travis Neilson, Interaction Designer at Google and software development influencer, who made quite a few educational how-to’s and personal advice videos that shaped the minds of many young developers. 

Series like Design + Code my Personal Website in 12 hours, Parallax on the Web, Design & Code a Mobile Landing Page! quickly caught on and are still used to make first steps in development by countless enthusiasts. Unfortunately, 2 years ago the channel went on hiatus, until…

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The Great Takeover of DevTips

DevTips was saved from disappearing into the abyss when Mattias from Fun Fun Function and his friend David Jurelius, who happens to be a great developer, analytics expert, and web development influencer himself, took over the channel. 

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The two put DevTips back on track starting with their first series in development with React JS. In the series, David and Mattias unravel the complexities of React JS prototyping in an easy-to-follow and relaxed manner.

Learn how to build a high-fidelity prototype with React JS

On the channel, you will also find a lot of content on:

  • Regular expressions
  • Node.js and Next.js basics 
  • CSS tricks and more

Yet Another Hiatus

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, David had to step back from the channel and focus on his career and family. Mattias too came to the conclusion that being in charge of two channels at the same time would be too much. Therefore, the hosts decided to take DevTips on another break and promised to return with even better content when things sort out:

What Happened to DevTips THIS TIME??

The Coding Train

Subscribers: 965K

Videos: 1,012

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If you’re looking for a web design and development influencer who would sweep you off your feet with energy, The Coding Train is a match made in heaven. This YouTube channel is loaded with engaging videos on programming basics and advanced concepts, the nature of code, constructive tutorials, and mind-blowing coding challenges. 

top youtube channels for developers

Daniel Shiffman, The Coding Train guy, is a programmer most famous for his love for Processing and p5.js. Little wonder, he has uploaded so many instructive videos about them.

What is p5.js? Find out with Daniel Shiffman

Being a member of the Board of Directors of the Processing Foundation, and an Associate Arts Professor at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Daniel can teach you a thing or two about Java, JavaScript, Node.js, computer vision and more.

Try your hand at building a fractal tree

Or learn how to work with data and APIs in JavaScript 

Subscribers: 1.64M

Videos: 1,072 

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If you’re someone who finds it easy to sit through a 15-hour-long video on penetration testing, is just for you. Disclaimer: not all their videos are that long but if you’re in high gear and want to get it done - this channel is the place for you. 

Try out your patience with Network Penetration Testing for Beginners tutorial has been among top YouTube developer channels for quite some time. It has gained a lot of followers thanks to the top-notch content on nearly every topic possible:

  • JavaScript 
  • Python 
  • HTML & CSS
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Ethical Hacking 
  • React
  • Node.js and more

Learn React JS in 5 hours (without ads)

best youtube channels for developers

Mike Dane is among numerous contributors of Mike has thought out and produced dozens of high-quality educational videos. In his videos Mike has covered various topics from web development to databases and more. All content produced by him is free and accessible.   

Tackle Python following this Mike Dane’s course on

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Beau Carnes, an excellent programmer and teacher, is a software development influencer who’s produced a ton of priceless content on He’s the author of Algorithms in motion and Grokking Deep Learning in Motion courses that have fascinated many. Beau has a channel of his own on robotics, and his programming videos on are among the most popular uploads. 

Learn JavaScript in one go in the most comprehensive tutorial 


Subscribers: 1.56M

Videos: 621

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If you’re pursuing fundamental understanding of how computers, compilers, and algorithms work under the hood, you should drop by Computerphile. This channel was created as a sister channel of Numberphile, a channel focused on mathematics, numbers, and the wonders they can do. 

youtube for developers

Both channels were started by Brady Haran, an independent filmmaker and video journalist passionate about making educational videos. 

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However, Brady is minimally involved in the creation of videos for Computerphile. Most of Computerphile content is directed and produced by Sean Riley.

Check out this video about the pain time and time zones inflict 

Computerphile hosts try to tackle the most sought-after and intriguing subjects. As one of the best software developer YouTube channels, Computerphile has the A-list software development influencers.

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Michael Pound is one of the most prominent contributors of Computerphile. He’s a researcher known for his work in computer vision, computer security, image recognition, and bioimage analysis. If you see his face in the thumbnail, rest assured the topic is going to knock your socks off. 

Ever heard of Slowloris attack?


Engineer Man

Subscribers: 292K

Videos: 132

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You’ve probably guessed from the screenshot above that you shouldn’t mess with the Engineer Man. Especially if you’re a Craiglslist scammer. But you should watch his videos if you want to learn a thing or two about Python, Linux, C, or SQL.

8 super heroic Linux commands might come in handy

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What’s awesome about this channel, is that the man behind Engineer Man explains complex topics in a concise way and provides straightforward examples. His short videos are great for those looking for quick and proven solutions. 

Regular Expressions - enough to be dangerous 


Subscribers: 321K

Videos: 59

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There aren’t that many good machine learning and AI YouTube channels but Jabrils is probably one of the best ones. Here you’ll find quite a few fun and educational videos and inspirational stories. Jabrils is all about fascinating the audience with amusing prototypes and explaining core principles of machine learning and programming in C# and Python. 

Writing a machine learning game with Jabrils

What are data types?

youtube bloggers

Watch Jabrils running for his life from an AI drone he programmed to follow him

Jabrils, the creator and producer of Jabrils, is a software developer and an influencer who, as he mentioned on the channel,  is curious to see his projects come to life. He loves building software prototypes and sharing them on YouTube with minds alike. 



there are too many good YouTube software development channels to watch and influencers to follow. To cover them all would be impossible. We hope the ones we’ve cherry-picked for you will land in your favorites.