Why Entrepreneurs Choose MeteorJS?

Why Entrepreneurs Choose MeteorJS?

Speed and high quality of development are the two pillars of startup success. No wonder Meteor, a full-stack framework that allows building powerful real-time apps fast using JavaScript only, attracts entrepreneurs. Ease of learning, cross-platform development, same code base on back and front end are just a few features that united our team around Meteor. Not to sound subjective, we’ve asked several successful entrepreneurs why they had chosen Meteor for their projects.

Lance Ennen - software entrepreneur at Byennen



Real-time apps that allow teams to use one programming language to design API, web apps and mobile apps that scale as you do. In one code base. No more API team, web app team, iOS team and Android team. No more 5 programming languages needed for hiring new team members. Only JavaScript. Check the merchant processor we’ve built with Meteor at Payroc.

Mykola Striletskyy - Co-founder and CEO at Apiko

Meteor makes the teamwork much more productive. As everyone in our team at Apiko is a full-stack Meteor developer, we can share skills and help each other when needed. We make the most out of Meteor’s modularity by creating reusable components that accelerates the development process. Simple and fast development of high-quality real-time applications is really appealing.

Swapan Sarkar - architect at D2DMaps


Meteor has it's good and bad parts. Sure, it is a very good platform for development where developer productivity is most important, but when it comes to the whole ecosystem, CI + deployment and production hosting and some aspects of the technology itself (such as Blaze vs React), there are questions.

Pieter Soudan - co-founder & system architect at Textus.io


We chose Meteor because of the vision behind the framework. It looked like the first JavaScript framework to me that would be able to disrupt web and app development for years to come. Being able to build the same code on server and clients on different platforms together with the concept behind DDP are the main reasons we are so excited to work with Meteor.


Mark Uretsky - founder at Socialteria


I chose Meteor because it was the only organized and straightforward framework that seemed to use the latest set of tools like "live websites " (no refresh required), which I really liked. It seemed like the future, everything was combined in one framework. And the best part: you need to learn just one programing language - JavaScript.

Why learn separate programming languages for the front end and the back end? I certainly didn't want to add complexity or waste time. I just wanted to bring my ideas to life as fast as possible. And Meteor was much easier to use compared to Node.js. You can definitely say that getting started with Meteor is much faster and at same time more powerful.

After working with and using Meteor for almost a year, I'm even more happy with my choice. If you didn't use Meteor, you’ve probably jumped from one library to another, as technology is moving and changing really fast now. It also happens with Meteor, but at a slower and more stable pace.

Overall, I didn't face any problems with Meteor that you couldn't solve. There were a few hard times, but usually it’s much easier to implement something with Meteor than with other frameworks or programming languages.

No matter if you are a beginner in the IT industry or an experienced developer, it’s absolutely worth giving Meteor a try. Besides being a beginner-friendly framework, Meteor has a big ready-to-help community. We at Meteor MVP development services and are also glad to help you bring your business ideas to life.