Why MeteorJS is Your Best Choice for Building a Startup?

Why MeteorJS is Your Best Choice for Building a Startup?

The statistics of startup success is pretty harsh: 9 out of 10 will fail. According to Fortune, the main reason for not being able to succeed is that startups make products nobody wants. And while the numbers are disappointing, they shouldn’t by any means be discouraging. Instead, they should prompt entrepreneurs to work smarter.

The ability to quickly detect what works and what doesn’t is vital for any startup. That's the only proven tactic to learn whether their product will be a success or something should immediately be altered. Tech startups are the luckiest here, since they can create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and measure their audience’s response almost instantly. If the rough reality demands an MVP to be developed with the speed of light, why not create it with Meteor?

MeteorJS is a full-stack web application framework designed to make programming easier and build products faster. Basically, it aims to make all the dirty tech work for you, so you could focus on the business part of your startup. With a short learning curve and lots of out-of-the box functionality, MeteorJS can make your web startup idea a reality in less than a month.

Here are the aces MeteorJS has up its sleeve for startups:

  • Speed. Obviously, the faster you develop your Minimal Viable Product, the sooner you can see if the idea is worth investing into. Creating prototypes in a couple of days, MVPs in a week, production-ready apps in several months and developing them into large web applications later is what MeteorJS is ideal for. After all, the platform wasn’t named Meteor for nothing.

  • Ease of learning. The creators of MeteorJS put every effort into making the platform easy to learn. It takes only one hour to go through the Meteor tutorial and create your first functional web application.

  • Pure JavaScript. Let’s make it clear that Meteor was optimized for building web apps, not websites. Just like the so-called "MEAN" stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js) which is probably most widely used for building web apps nowadays. But using it means you have to be at least familiar with all four technologies. Writing an app with MeteorJS, on the other hand, requires experience with only one programming language - JavaScript. Not to mention that it is currently the most used programming language.

  • Cross-platform development. With its ability to produce cross-platform code, MeteorJS strikingly reduces the amount of work and time you’ll need to develop web, Android and iOS applications.

  • Interoperability. After implementing a simple DDP protocol, you will be able to connect anything to Meteor - native mobile applications, legacy databases and even microprocessors.

So, if you are still struggling with the question is MeteorJS good for building your startup - a web application, the answer is yes. If you are looking for an all-in-one tool that uses an extremely popular technology and doesn’t take much time to learn to test your business idea in the shortest terms possible, be sure to use MeteorJS. Startups dedicated to making smart decisions fast won’t regret building their MVP with Meteor.

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