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IT consulting services

Develop a strategy and put your plan into action to effectively transform your business.

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Why your business should employ IT consulting services

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To address the challenges of your existing company, startup or small business

More and more companies around the world are realizing the need to implement digital transformation. To keep up with customers’ expectations and outperform their competitors, entrepreneurs must think of the most advantageous software solutions, and our business IT consulting services can help you implement that! We offer our extensive expertise to provide solutions for your specific business problems at a specific time and address the challenges to ensure the best possible results for your business in general.

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To scan and choose the best technology solutions

As there are many different options of technology for your software development project, Apiko helps you to choose those that will offer the most potential and bring about beneficial outcomes for your business. Discover what technology suits your business goals best using qualified expertise from our IT business consultants.

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To have a clear plan for your project’s future

For your software to add a real business value, your project must have a clear plan with set parameters and purpose. Our IT business consultants will help you put your vision into visible and measurable steps. We want to make sure that your digital solution will be smoothly implemented and bring the desired outcomes without unpredicted issues. With Apiko’s professional IT consulting services, we are able to build an efficient technology strategy for business owners, startups, and small businesses.

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To have an innovative advantage over your competitors

Solve the real needs of your company with cutting-edge software. Apiko will work closely with you to build a unique digital business by creating new solutions as well as improving the existing ones. Our IT consultants who have vast experience in the technology stack in different industries know exactly what it takes to build such web/mobile apps that will transform your company. Business consulting in IT lets you turn the opportunities into a competitive advantage in your niche.

Turn your business idea into reality

and discuss your business plan and further actions together

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IT consulting: Technologies we are experts in

We pick up technologies that will work best with your mobile/web solutions now and in the years to come








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You can count on our IT business consultant’s extensive domain expertise

eCommerce & retail

eCommerce & retail



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Finance & banking

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Task management

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Accomodation rental

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Travel & lifestyle

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Education & online learning

What does the business consulting process look like at Apiko?

Our IT Consulting Services for existing companies, startups, and small businesses include:


Close analysis of problems and their expected solutions

At the beginning of our cooperation, our IT business consultants closely study your present state of affairs, the challenges your business encountered that need to be resolved, and their expected solutions as a result of our partnership. We will do our best to meet all your project’s requirements.

What are the benefits of hiring Apiko IT consulting services?

Know what technology suits your project the most
Know what technology suits your project the mostKnow what technology suits your project the most

Working with different technologies and specializing in them, our IT business consultants know best what tech stack will suit your project. Why try to do it at a guess, if our experts can and have already helped a lot of clients to achieve their business needs with the right type of technology?

Take advantage of specialized expertise
Take advantage of specialized expertiseTake advantage of specialized expertise

IT business consultants in our company implement the best practices they have acquired with the years of experience. To get professional advice and development of your action plan, you can hire our specialists who will work for the benefit of your business and contribute their knowledge to the project as an extension of your team.

Outsource the work to the highly experienced talent pool
Outsource the work to the highly experienced talent poolOutsource the work to the highly experienced talent pool

While turning to an outsourcing software development and IT consulting company, you can rent their experience for a project without the need to search for and employ someone permanently in your whereabouts. An IT business consultant hired for a limited time will support and lead your software development project from the beginning, having expertise both in the SDLC and your project requirements. The consultant will certainly know the scope of work needed to be done and the time frames, therefore will act as a mediator between you and the developers' team all the way till the successful launch.

Scale your business with a clearly outlined strategy
Scale your business with a clearly outlined strategyScale your business with a clearly outlined strategy

Get an effective strategy to support your business growth. With our IT consulting services, you’ll be able to get a thorough analysis of the problem and a clearly outlined plan to its solution. Business consulting in our company focuses on helping organizations take advantage of technology to meet their exact business needs and on providing them with a straight roadmap to their goals.

Gain from a time-saving and cost-effective software development
Gain from a time-saving and cost-effective software developmentGain from a time-saving and cost-effective software development

With a well-defined, attainable strategy and neat development, you will save time and costs during the project and see your software up and running. Your business will lose no time and money following the clear roadmap and launching a fresh product into the market. Plan big, and Apiko will help you turn your vision into tangible business outcomes.

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Marketplace for kids' items


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