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Social media app development case study: Itsme

Social media app development: Come into the era of fast communication and information head-on. Use the Itsme app for sharing and collecting contact information immediately.

Short overview


Vitaliy Kobytsia

Max Romanyuk


1 month




Communication, Social Media


Norway, Oslo


Mobile app development (iOS & Android), Dedicated team

Short overview

  • Team:

    Vitaliy Kobytsia
    Max Romanyuk
  • Time:

    1 month

  • Platform:


  • Industry:

    Communication, Social Media

  • Country:

    Norway, Oslo

  • Services:

    Mobile app development (iOS & Android), Dedicated team

client idea icon

About the client

Our client’s idea was to build a social media mobile app that will connect all your social media accounts and help you keep in touch with people you meet. All you need to do is to share your personal QR code.

project idea

Project idea

Connect with your new fellas through collecting their personal QR codes and share your own to let them find your social media accounts. With social media app development of Itsme, you don’t have to worry about looking for familiar people in social networks, all their profiles will be gathered into one app.



This desperate feeling when you go through different social media accounts in quest for the people you met at business conferences is familiar to almost everyone. Especially when you can't find them. So many opportunities go lost just because people don't have time to save each other's contact information. However, with social media app development of Itsme, it’s no longer a problem.

Challenges & solutions

See the challenges and solutions we've offered to our clients

  • Create the design that fits product conception best.

  • Develop a mobile application with React Native.

  • Integrate the application with a variety of third-party social networks.

starting point
  • Starting Point

    Our team has been provided with:

  • Business vision and model

  • Project release deadline

  • Technical requirements

research and analytics
  • Research & Analysis

    Steps we took to commence the development:

  • Made a market research to analyze competitors and approbate business idea

  • Run a series of meetings to carefully investigate clients’ vision and their end-goal

  • Assigned a Business Analyst to work closely with customers to keep the project under control

  • During the social media app development, we helped to deliver the following features

    Our clients received:

  • Detailed project cost estimate

  • Ready-to-release app with required functionality

  • Updated version of the social media profile sharing mobile app with extended list of features

What our clients say

Check out what our clients think of us

quote symbol

Despite not being marketed yet, the app has already been downloaded over 700 times. Apiko not only delivered ahead of time but also maintained effective communication throughout the engagement. Their high-quality outputs paired with their constructive view towards changes also stood out.

Olav Amdahl

Olav Amdahl

itsme logo

Main features

We helped to deliver the following features


User authorization

Log in / register user in the social networking mobile app


Add new social network

Connect your social media, phone number, email, attachment or personal webpage in one social media application


Public sharing settings

Choose which profile you want to share - work or private


Get you personal QR-code

When meeting new connection, share your QR-code, which is generated automatically by a social media app


Scan and share

Newly met person scans your code and your information is instantly shared and stored


Phone camera integration

You can scan profiles directly from the phone camera, without opening the social media app


We’ve integrated the social media app with the following services

Social media app development companySocial media app development company

Technologies we used for the social media app development

Building a social networking app: The outcome

During the social media app development, our client in cooperation with Apiko expert technical team accomplished an iOS and Android networking app - Itsme - that connects all social media accounts in one place. It doesn’t matter who you are: a student, businessman or traveler - stay in touch with those who appeal to you!

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