Social media profile sharing app

Country: Norway, Oslo

Scope of Work: Full-stack development, UI/UX design.

How has everything started?

This desperate feeling when you go through different social media accounts in quest of people you met a business conference is familiar almost to everyone. Especially when you can’t find them.

So many opportunities were lost just because people didn’t have time to save each other’s contact information.

Our client knows how to solve this problem. His idea was to create a mobile app that will connect all your social media accounts and help you connect with people you meet.

All you need to do is to share your personal QR code. That’s it! Let’s go into details now.

Business challenge

Our main tasks were:

Integrate the app with variety of third-party social apps1

UI/UX design 2


Technology Stack

We’ve utilized the set of mobile JS-based technologies mostly to provide the great app’s usability on both mobile platforms


Main features

Log in /
register user


Connect your social
media, phone number, email,
or personal webpage


Choose which profile
you want to share
- work or private


When meeting
new connection, share your QR-code.


You can scan
profiles directly from
the phone camera,
without opening the app.


Newly met person
scans your code
and your information is
instantly shared and stored.



It doesn’t matter who you are: a student, businessman or traveler - stay in touch with those who appeal to you! Check out It's Me UX/UI presentation at our Behance

What our clients say

Long-standing relationships with our customers - this is what we strive for.
Your success is our motivation.

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Partner, Proces Ingeniøren ApS

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CEO, Canary Office

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Owner of Experitix

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