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Custom app development and news platform optimization case study: Building a podcast mobile app for one of the largest media giants in Ukraine. Optimizing performance for the news platform by Apiko team

Short overview


Yulia Vykhovanets

Terry Sahaidak

Fedir Vasyliuk

Andrii Slotvinskiy

Nataliia Kubai


Oct 2020 - Present


Mobile app


Mass media, News, Podcasting


Kyiv, Ukraine


Mobile development (iOS/Android), dedicated team, QA testing.

Short overview

  • Team:

    Yulia Vykhovanets
    Terry Sahaidak
    Fedir Vasyliuk
    Andrii Slotvinskiy
    Nataliia Kubai
  • Time:

    Oct 2020 - Present

  • Platform:

    Mobile app

  • Industry:

    Mass media, News, Podcasting

  • Country:

    Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Services:

    Mobile development (iOS/Android), dedicated team, QA testing.

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About the client

NV is a Ukraine-leading media resource and podcast application delivering easy access to information from geopolitical situations to celebrity gossip on the go.

project idea

Project idea

In 2019, NV has engaged Apiko for custom web application development to share the distinctive, world-class programs and content which inform, educate and entertain millions of people in Ukraine and around the world. Moreover, their in-house team has leveraged monetization models to generate income through a method of limited access and developed the paywall system - one of the most successful strategies, which is used by the most influential world newspapers, niche magazines, and publishers.



Our team was contacted by the project manager to assist the in-house team with custom app development and adding complex functionality to the application. The scope of our work may be divided into 2 parts:

1. Developing the podcast mobile app from scratch

2. Debugging and optimizing the news app

We had to integrate the website with paywall and localization systems, develop heavily tailored constructor module for podcast app to empower in-house team to handle minor changes on their own, scaffold the project, set up basic in-app navigation and manage many other options to rollout flying, top-notch platform with seamless performance.

Challenges & solutions

See the challenges and solutions we've offered to our clients during events booking app development

  • Our tasks on optimizing and bootstrapping the NV news app were:

  • Update the React Native version of the news app to the latest one, perform manual review & testing and fix bugs

  • Extend the functionality by adding new features, including paywall and subscriptions

  • Building the NV podcast app from scratch:

  • Scaffold the project, build up the constructor module and other features

  • Publish an app to App Store and Google Play, constantly update the software according to customer’s requirements

  • Starting Point

    Our team was provided with the following input data:

  • The live website with ready-to-go backend features to be implemented

  • Business vision, concept and objectives

  • UI/UX design of the podcast app

  • Research & Analysis

    Our development process started with these preparatory phases:

  • Based on the provided documentation, we elicited requirements and defined the most effective scope of work

  • We conducted the research and analysis of the technologies which will work with this solution smoothly and effectively

  • Our tech experts estimated the project, defined the deliverables and specified other details

  • From the very beginning of our partnership, we have already gone through the following spots: NV news platform

  • Custom mobile app development with functionality to create events

  • Closed beta testing

  • Adding advanced features

  • Mobile app deployment to AppStore

  • NW podcast app

  • Updating the React Native version of the app

  • Improving its performance by means of manual review and bugs fixing

  • Extending functionality by adding new features, including paywall and paid subscriptions

Custom app development: Main features of the NV podcast app


Deep linking

During custom app development, we used mobile deep linking for funneling users deeper into the app through the URL. By means of this practice, we redirect users from the mobile browser to the particular screen of the app and push them to take specific actions.


Push notification

Remote notifications were set up to push small amounts of data to devices on which the app is installed, even when it isn't running to keep subscribers and readers informed.


Project scaffolding/ Architecture

Our team developed project architecture, using MobX library to make state management simple and scalable by transparently applying functional reactive programming.


Constructor module

We developed the constructor module for creating various components and comprising different views with ready-made elements.


In-app navigation setup

A well-functioning application should gracefully handle when users attempt to navigate to any part of its structure. The in-app navigation has been initially designed for users’ satisfaction and energy savings.

NV news app


Bug fixing

From the very beginning we’ve done a lot of bug fixing to correct software defects and provide smooth performance of the website.


Custom web application development: website review & manual testing

Our QA engineers have checked the web application for functionality, usability, security, compatibility, performance measurements and potential vulnerabilities.


During custom app development, we’ve integrated the news platform with the following services


Custom web and mobile application development: the outcome

Apiko had to invest a lot of resources, talents and IT efforts to leverage all the creativity of our engineers and find creative solutions to the problems faced. We made sure that the customer’s acceptance criteria were met without any problems, and applied an established, efficient system of priorities. As a result, we’ve built up the podcast mobile solution from scratch and refined the ready-made news website for further exploitation. The customer was satisfied, and the podcast app was successfully submitted to the App Store and Play Market.
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