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Let Apiko become your technical forte, if you:

Look for a cost-effective expert team who can easily deliver your product from its concept
to full implementation
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Search for an extra assistance to develop your app functionality, reinforce your software with expert quality control, or UX/UI services
Try to augment your existing development or testing team with skilled engineers

Our services

I. Web and mobile solutions development by our dedicated team
Apiko delivers full-cycle web and mobile development services: from idea to its implementation.
Business idea development
Let’s be partners in developing your business idea and product concept. We help you design a product vision from your inspired idea to a well-thought-out application. Apiko Business Analyst and Tech Lead will develop your product roadmap with a real market fit.
Product architecture
After a circumspect product concept has been developed, the technology stack is defined. Our technical team builds your website or mobile application architecture. We set the priority for product scalability and flexibility.
Prototyping, UX/UI design
We have considerable expertise in ReactJS, React Native, MeteorJS, MongoDB, NodeJS, and other technologies to provide you with the scalable, intuitive, and secured web and mobile product development.
Support and consulting
We provide product lifecycle support, further integrations, and improvements on a long-term basis
II. QA & Testing
Apiko provides testing on each level of SDLC.
Requirement Analysis
Test planning & design
Test execution & closure
Further maintenance
Here is what you get:
Сoordinated work and support
- Identification of test conditions and creation of test designs, cases, procedure specifications and test data.
- Tests execution and logging, results evaluation, the documentation of found problems.
- Monitoring the test environment with the help of appropriate tools.
- Performance metrics data collection
- Reporting defects and test results
Automated and manual testing
Apiko provides you with QA and Testing services of two major types by which we ensure your product’s high quality and functionality. After any smallest backend/frontend alteration is made, we check by means of automated or/and manual testing if everything works as planned and even better.
Saved costs
Controlled quality process from the very beginning ensures performant and defectless product delivery to the end user.
III. UX / UI Design
Power up your online business with intuitive UX / UI design
Research and analysis
Before proceeding to design, we define the needs of your users by analyzing their preferences and the concept of your product
User interface prototyping
We create wireframe prototypes with all UI features, structures, and navigations. We discuss the blueprint with the customer, adjust it, and ensure that we are on the same page.
UI design and development
After everything is approved, the client gets a detailed specification with functionality, cost, and timeline. This is when the process of creation begins.
Usability testing
Now it's time to get real feedback from your users. During this stage we ensure that the product interface meets users preferences and makes their interactions simple, intuitive, and effective

Our portfolio

We deliver advanced solutions to meet all customer’s requirements and expectations.
Check out a few of our recent projects.

Technologies we are passionate about

What our clients say

Long-standing relationships with our customers - this is what we strive for.
Your success is our motivation.

Stephen Ives

MVP Development Services

Tom Hay

Web Application Development Services

Stephen Beckham Jr

CEO, MergeIn

Markus Smet

MVP Development Services

Nadim T. Alawi

Partner, Proces Ingeniøren ApS

Ned Daze

MVP Development Services

Adrian Kent

MVP Development Services

Jerry Shkavritko

CEO, Canary Office

Ian McManus

MVP Development Services

Ian Herzog

Owner of Experitix

Bryan Kennedy

Director, Science Museum of Minnesota

Bill Youngdahl

MVP Development Services

Andrew Wilkin

Web Application Development Services

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