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Apiko Team develops A-class iOS, Android mobile apps using React Native framework.

Save your time and up to 30% off investments for cross-platform mobile application development

react native app development for iosreact native app development for android

Why to choose React Native for mobile app development?

React Native is a young technology (started in 2015) but loved by thousands already. Consider this framework as React branch, which originated from Facebook devs hub. Its primary aim is to build efficient mobile apps using one code which suits both iOS and Android. This library is meant for creating apps’ user interfaces. For now, such giants as Uber, Walmart, Artsy, Instagram, Beidu Mobile, and many others were accomplished with React Native!

react native mobile app development

One code for iOS and/or Android. There’s no need to spend more efforts, time and resources to a separate iOS or Android native development. With our React Native development agency you can create a code which fits both systems.

react native mobile app development

Build apps using JavaScript only. Сombine it effortlessly with the native languages, like Java, Swift, Objective-C to reach the superior performance rates.

react native mobile app development

Smooth developers’ workflow. Features, like hot reloading, easy use of native code when needed, effortless states management with Redux or MobX, etc., make the process of app creation truly pleasant.

Building React Native mobile app:
Basic Features to Consider

Dashboards & user roles

P2P payment
Let Apiko Team develop a person to person payment system for your marketplace platform.
Online payment systems
When you develop a marketplace solution, it might be rather complicated to choose a proper payment system. Let us research and select the optimal solution for your mobile app.
Popular European payment systems
In-app purchases
In-app billing functionality requires great attention to the tech details to make it effective in use.
In-app purchases for iOS


Provide your mobile app users with the sophisticated communication functionality. Apiko React Native development team may deliver this feature with ease.
Video & audio messages
Enable audio and video communication via chat, so your users can easily communicate with each other using the mobile application.
Real-time Communication for the Medical Mobile App
Chatbot market was estimated at $88.3 mln. in 2016, but it is expected to witness exponential growth during 2017 - 2022. Develop this feature for your mobile application to provide users with the smart customer support service.

Push notification

Push notification
It's said that push notifications increase sales up to 30%. Let Apiko Team implement this feature using for your iOS and Android mobile app using React Native.
More info
SMS alert system
Such alerts might be helpful when it comes to the events planning, reminders or promos. This kind of notifier provides the user with a quick info on their status without the urge to directly interact with the app.
In-app messaging
Establish an effective communication between your mobile application users with the help of in-app messaging system

React Native app development service: Migration to React Native

Save your time and budget with a single React Native code.
There's no need to have two teams to manage iOS and Andoid mobile application.
React Native development will help you save investments, starting from 35%.
This percentage also depends on the project itself and its functionality, especially how frequently source cod can be reused for both iOS and Android.
React Native might lead the way together with the native development or even outperform native technologies in some ways, in the nearest future. This might be a weighty trigger to think about the ways to migrate to React Native right now.
You can combine React Native smoothly with native code whenever you need a boosted functionality and a richer features set.
More about pros & cons of migrating to React Native

How Apiko React Native developers build your mobile app

Stage 1 Concept development Business analysis Wireframes & Prototyping Project estimation Learn more Stage 2 UX/UI development Brand identity UI design UX design Learn more Stage 3 Web, mobile development Product development roadmap Project architecture development Product development itself Learn more Step 4 Quality assistance Quality assistance and consulting Software testing life cycle Manual and automated testing Learn more Stage 5 Business solution support Web, mobile application support and further product maintenance Learn more
Stage 1
Concept development
  • Business analysis
  • Wireframes & Prototyping
  • Project estimation
  • Learn more
Stage 2
UX/UI development
Stage 3
Web, mobile app development
  • Product roadmap development (milestones creation)
  • Project architecture development
  • Web, mobile app development itself
  • Learn more
Stage 4
Quality assistance
  • Quality assistance and consulting
  • Software testing life cycle
  • Manual and automated testing
  • Learn more
Stage 5
Business platform support
  • Web, mobile application support and further maintenance
  • Learn more

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Technologies:MeteorJS, GraphQL, Blaze, MongoDB, Modernizr

Raised $6.1M

Healthcare real-time mobile app

Scope of work:Mobile app development, frontend, backend, UI/UX

Technologies:Node.js, React Native, WebRTC, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Peer-to-peer (P2P) event management marketplace

Scope of work:Frontend, backend, Android mobile app

Technologies:MeteorJS, Express.js, Android, MongoDB, Blaze, Ramda

Work order management application

Scope of work:Web & mobile app development, frontend, backend, chatbot development

Technologies:GraphQL, Apollo, React.js, React Native

B2B food marketplace development

Scope of work:Frontend, front-end UI, backend & responsive website development

Technologies:React.js, Meteor.js, MongoDB, Blaze

Plio: on-demand compliance management application

Scope of work:Frontend, backend, responsive design

Technologies:Meteor.js, React.js, MongoDB, Redux, Ramda, ES6, Blaze

Class management and booking app for parents and children

Scope of work:Backend API, web application, mobile application

Technologies:React.js, React Native, Express.js, MongoDB

Open-source personal finance management app

Scope of work:Frontend, backend, front-end UI, IOS/Android mobile app

Technologies:React.js, Android, Redux, React Native, ES6, iOS

Itsme: Social media profile sharing app

Scope of work:UX/UI design, iOS and Android app development

Technologies:Express.js, React Native

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