How to Build a Music App Like Pandora: Complete Guide from Exploration to Launch

How to Build a Music App Like Pandora: Complete Guide from Exploration to Launch

There is no question that music has become one of the most profitable industries for entrepreneurs. Record companies and their artists once ruled this industry, but now anyone can develop a music app for business.

The means of allowing people to stream music and discover new music is in high demand. It creates an opportunity to enter an existing business model and uncover ways to upgrade and innovate the given service.

The process of making a music app to compete with existing choices requires many steps. The purpose of this article is to give you the essentials on that process to help you get started.

What is Pandora? 

Pandora is a streaming service for music, which compiles recommendations based on user preferences, but aims to bring a similar experience to the radio. Several other apps offer similar streaming services with playlist creation, and whereas some might boast features not found in Pandora, few have managed to be as popular as Pandora.

However, there are competitors like Google Play Music and Spotify, who are most certainly doing things right and provide a high level of quality. As existing options that people find enjoyable are already released and soar in popularity, anyone entering this niche needs to bring something extra on the table. 

How to make an app like Pandora

Like anything even loosely connected to copyrighted material, the Pandora app faces restrictions in many locations due to licensing issues. So something to consider when making your app - you have to be able to reach the region you intend to target.

Why Did Pandora Skyrocket in Popularity?

Pandora is one of the top 3 music streaming apps in the USA, according to Statista. In 2012, Pandora had 67 million users, whereas Spotify had just 5.

Most companies are unable to achieve optimal results with their music apps. The reason is that very few provide something that innovates or stands out. Pandora was able to rise to the occasion by delivering an experience that helps people discover new music they would grow to love.

Pandora mobile app development

A broad audience in music streaming services want to discover new music to listen to, so Pandora had a competitive edge that improved music streaming and internet radio for many.

How Does Pandora Differ from Spotify?

There are many things to consider when deciding which of these apps is better: sound quality, music selection, search features, ease of access, etc. But the main difference between these platforms differs in the audience that is more likely to use them. 

For one, Spotify is better suited for people who want to stream and share music they already heard before and found appealing. 

Pandora is the app of choice for those who are looking to discover new music fitting their taste and styles. It is not to say that they don't have similarities. 

Spotify and Pandora are comparable in numerous ways. But due to the matching algorithm that is simply head and shoulders above the competition, Pandora radio app managed to gain a loyal following.

How to start my own pandora or spotify

Points to Go Over When Deciding to Create Your Music App

  • Evaluation period
  • Monetization process
  • Intuitive design
  • Sharing options
  • Browsing options

App monetization has become a very lucrative business model, but for that to happen, first you need to create a reliable app that is a breeze to use.

There are many important matters to consider before you even start designing your app. Compiling a list of the most relevant features you want in the app is an excellent place to start.

A popular app tends to have appealing design without sacrificing performance. People want to enjoy the look and feel of the app they are navigating. While this may seem secondary, it can definitely influence decisions for long-term use. 

It helps if the user interface feels natural for veterans of competitive apps and allows people to browse, stream, share, and classify their favorite tracks. 

Challenges to Consider before the Software Development Stage

Software and programming bugs tend to go hand in hand like horse and carriage. The way you deal with those pesky bugs can easily make or break any kind of software during the development process. If you release an app that tends to crash, works improperly, or slows the user's device down, you are unlikely to reach monetization.

To ensure the programming process goes smoothly, you should have recurrent trials and tests before launching the app. It would be great if you could set a deadline and follow the timeline, but it is still better to delay your launch than to have to deal with a faulty app.

In a socially connected world, communities vote applications in and out of existence. A buggy app is going to get low star ratings, and people are unlikely to download a low-rated app just to feel first-hand how it feels to get hit in the face with a rake.

Time is essential in these projects, but meeting a deadline becomes a Pyrrhic victory if no one wants to use your app. So never sacrifice quality just to release something fast. 

Some people wonder how to make a music app or how to make an app like Pandora. Those who have no application programming knowledge should contact a professional developer. The costs of creating a professional app have come down considerably when compared to the early days of app development.

What are the Necessary Pandora App Features?

  • Search feature
  • User registration
  • Playlists
  • Social sharing

A music app needs to have certain quintessential features to even get a foot in the door in this competitive market. One of the first things to consider is to provide a way to find the music people want to hear. The search feature is the most basic of all, but it is fundamental. 

What is a good music app like Pandora

Your app is also going to require a proper registration system, as it allows you to keep track of how many people are actively using your app. 

Playlists are also essential if you wish to keep people coming back to your app.

Social sharing is a must if you want your application to start gaining track. Most of the existing services are making use of the power of social sharing, and it is a particularly good idea for anything in the entertainment industry.

How to Start my Own Pandora or Spotify

Making your music app is something that will take a while, but the reward of creating a robust and reliable product is a gift that keeps you constantly improving. For that, we need to explore the necessary steps to reach that desired result.

The licensing process

Building a music app like Pandora requires overcoming a few potential obstacles before the development process even begins. The first thing to consider is the need for licensing. You need to choose where the app will be available, and your licensing process will largely depend on the geographical location.

It is imperative to note that no music app development process should start before you sort out the licensing issues. Whoever makes this mistake might end up having to cancel an already existing project due to licensing issues.

Streaming options

Being able to stream music from your app is an indispensable feature. A smooth streaming service relies on optimal database management, tuned server configuration, and reliable hosting.

The use of cloud hosting allows you to minimize the missteps mentioned above. When hiring a professional developer, you can rely on their expertise to choose the right technology to get the best possible results.

A proper design

A design that looks and feels intuitive is fundamental for mobile users. If you are unable to provide a smooth user experience, you are going to end up with an application that people won't want to use. So it is crucial to ensure that the design is up-to-date and easy to navigate.

Pandora radio app

Pandora Alternatives and Differences between Them

You may have caught yourself wondering what is a good music app like Pandora. There are several alternatives to this app, Spotify being the most popular of the bunch. But there are indeed others, such as:

  • Deezer
  • Jango
  • AccuRadio
  • Slacker
  • Google Play Music
  • TuneIn Radio

Their popularity fluctuates, and some of them are not even very active any longer.

Even though there are many small differences between these apps, their primary purpose is to provide music streaming and allow people to organize, discover, and share their favorite tracks. It's helpful to know your competition and consider their strengths to aid you in the development process.

Once you have a clear understanding of what you can adopt and what you can improve on, you can begin the development of an app that stands out and provides a little extra. 

What is the Cost of Building an App Like Pandora?

The Pandora mobile app development process is not easy, but at the same time, it's not that complex for experienced developers. The cost of building this kind of app is not something etched in stone. 

If you are wondering how to start your own Pandora or Spotify, you will find that this is not a complicated process as long as you take the time to analyze it properly. The best part is that if you do it right, it is bound to become a profitable business model.

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Significant Google trends to consider

"Music streaming service" is one of the most popular queries that people type in the Google search bar when looking for music apps. There is an undeniable blend between mobile devices and music. 

Mobile phones are like modern Walkmen, but pack a lot more than their predecessors. Our pocket companion can take the role of a communication device, a video game system, an entertainment center, and much more. This versatility makes mobile devices extremely appealing and abundant.

Hiring the right developer

Finding talented developers, QA engineers, and project managers can be quite an undertaking. Before fully bringing a developer on board, it is standard practice to give a potential partner a piece of test work to gauge their compatibility with your future project. World-class development skills will surely help, but being poor communication-wise can be detrimental. 

Hiring a fully-fledged development agency is an excellent option to consider. Their expertise would help get the idea off the ground with minimal effort, and you would be able to avoid pitfalls based on their experience with similar projects. Finding a trustworthy agency is easier than ever, thanks to specialized review sites, such as You can browse reviews, check portfolios for projects the agencies have handled, and even schedule a call to discuss the idea.

The developer you choose is going to have a significant impact on the quality of your app. As this is a big decision, you should always go with someone who truly understands the music app development process.

Pandora radio app

Implementing optimal marketing strategies

You could create the most excellent music application, but it won't get any traction if you lack a proper marketing strategy. The marketing choices you make are going to be essential for its success.

If you feel this is overwhelming, you can hire a professional marketing agency or a freelancer that has vast experience in this industry. Marketing is one of the most important investments you can make, as if done incorrectly, the chances of succeeding are considerable.


If you build radio app solutions for people, they will very likely use them as long as you provide a quality app that is bug-free and intuitive to use. It can be a very lucrative type of business, but you need to take all of the factors we mentioned into consideration.

Take your time to launch a robust application, as this could be your key to success in this industry. With that said, we wish you a very successful music app launch!