React Native vs Flutter: What Is Better For Your Project (Infographic)

Google's Flutter broke into a cross-platform app development market and provoked a lot of discussions and comparisons with its competitor - React Native.

We couldn't stand aside and created React Native vs Flutter infographic with the main differences between these technologies, as well as projects they are suitable for.


Flutter is a young technology which has all the chances to gain traction in the future. However, React Native doesn't lag behind. For this moment, there is anything special in Flutter, that can’t be implemented with React Native.

In addition, React Native architecture Fabric will significantly improve the speed of React Native apps. It will allow developers to directly invoke Java / ObjC methods, instead of communicating via the JS bridge.

To wrap it up, the time will show who's the winner in this battle. On our side, we recommend you to draw on the requirements of your project, its audience, and your vision of it in the future. Have any questions about the differences between React Native and Flutter? Leave the comment below and we'd love to help you!