10 Apps Built With React Native You Haven't Heard About

10 Apps Built With React Native You Haven't Heard About

One of the best ways to see React Native capabilities is to check out the projects that are using it. Here is our list of best React Native apps, their short overview, and main features.


heybrolly app

Overview: This app calls itself “Your personal insurance concierge” and this is for right reasons. Heybrolly is the UK's first artificially intelligent app for managing all your insurance. It is available on web, iPhone and iPad.

Main features

  • Personal advisor that will help you understand all insurance needs, give advice, check the health of your insurance portfolio, etc.
  • Brolly locker, where you can store all your insurance documents, policies, contact numbers, and policy info absolutely securely.
  • Upcoming insurance purchase via the app that will help you get rid of quote forms.


edyn app

Overview: Edyn is a smart garden system helping you make your plants thrive with Edym Garden Sensor that analyzes data about the soil and water conditions.This app pulls these data from Garden Sensor in real time, keeping you always informed about your garden conditions. It is available on Play Store.

Main features

  • Snapshot of current conditions in your garden.
  • Tailored advice on how to improve your garden conditions.
  • Get access to database of over 5,000 plants and learn what fits your garden best.
  • Get notifications with tips and reminders

Number of downloads on Google Play: 1,000-5,000.


listum app

Overview: Tool for organising collections, ideas and tasks that may be a pretty good substitute of Excel. With Listium, all your lists can be stored in one place. It combines the features of spreadsheet and the visuals of Pinterest, making your lists bright and eye-catching.


  • Create lists and tables on any topic
  • Build your perfect lists by selecting from a range of custom fields including text, numbers, images, dates, locations, links, etc.
  • Make use of tools such as sorting, filtering and bulk editing.
  • Share lists with friends and family.

Number of downloads: 100-500

Chem 101

Chem 101 app

Chem 101 is a classroom interactive app for college-level chemistry. It transforms the chemistry lessons by incorporating active learning. Chem 101 allows chemistry instructors to ask students engaging questions, such as drawing Lewis structures, and receive real-time information on what structures the class is drawing.


  • Intuitive Lewis structures drawing tool built specifically for mobile devices.
  • Create in-class or homework assignments (this feature is coming soon.)
  • Real-time class results (coming soon).
  • Correct answers recognition
  • Access to over 250 interactive problems.

Number of downloads: 1,000 - 5, 000.

Simple contacts

Chem 101 app

Overview: Simple contacts app provides you with an online vision test to renew your contact lens prescription. The concept of the app is pretty simple. You take an online vision test, a licensed ophthalmologist reviews it and prescribes you new contacts if necessary. The app also offers delivery service, so you can easily order your lenses online.


  • A short test about your medical history
  • Video recording
  • Online vision test
  • Lenses selection
  • Online ordering

The app is available on iTunes and has over 300 ratings.


battere app

Overview: With this app you can rent a pre-charged battery anywhere in Switzerland, charge your phone on the go and then return the battery in the location available on the app. Use the Battere app to show your Batterecode and comfortably pay without taking out your wallet.


  • Map with Battere points (more than 1000 locations).
  • Battercode, which you should show to the cashier when renting a power bank.
  • Personal account

Number of downloads: 1,000 - 5, 000


skurt app

Overview: Skurt allows you to book car via the app and have it delivered right to the location you choose. When you're done, one of the Skurt agents will come to conveniently pick it up from you.


  • Online car booking
  • Delivery tracking
  • Status tracking

Number of downloads: 10,000 - 50, 000

Sound Cloud Pulse

sound cloud app

Overview: Sound Cloud Pulse is an app for dedicative music creators. Everyone can use the service to share their audio, or special versions like acoustic tracks, live songs, or remixes. They can then annotate and comment on the music to augment the experience for listeners.


  • Up-to-date stats on track performance.
  • Check and reply to comments.
  • Share tracks privately and publicly.
  • Edit track details.
  • Follow and block users.

Number of downloads: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000


whym app

Overview: Whym is a live translation app that gives travellers anywhere in the world, at any time of day, access to a professional interpreter.

The app currently supports English to the following languages: Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Simply tap the language you need, choose the interpreter, buy a needed amount of minutes, and connect with one of the professionals within 60 seconds.


  • 24/7 access to live interpreters.
  • Buying interpreter minutes via the app.
  • Language selection.
  • Connecting with the professional interpreter within 60 seconds.
  • Adding extra minutes to your account.

Number of downloads: 500-1,000


bloomberg app

Overview: Bloomberg provides you with the comprehensive access to global business and finance news, market data and portfolio tracking tools.


  • Updates and alerts on the latest financial and business news.
  • Access to the market data.
  • Bloomberg live TV.
  • Listening to audio.
  • App customization for your portfolio monitoring.

Number of downloads: 5,000,000 - 10,000,000

There is a great variety of apps made with React Native on the Internet. We hope that you've drawn some inspiration from our list of React Native apps and the technical abilities of React Native in general. By the way, if you know some interesting projects using React Native, feel free to contact us.

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