Stand with Ukraine, Stop Russian Aggression

Stand with Ukraine, Stop Russian Aggression

On February 24th, Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine. 

After the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Russia now escalates the eight-year war in Donbas and Ukrainians have to stop this invasion. This act of unreasonable, unprecedented, and unjustified aggression against the democracy of 44 million people shatters the peace in Europe as well.    

The whole country woke up at around 5 am because of a loud air raid siren and started to receive calls from relatives and friends that told us that the fire was open all over Ukraine. 

Russian occupants attack not only the critical military infrastructure of the country, but they’re also bombarding civilian housing, hospitals, killing children, elderly and disabled people, women, destroying cultural heritage and architecture with artillery and missiles. A lot of Ukrainian cities, like Mariupol and Chernihiv, are surrounded by Russian troops, and the siege is intensified.

Ukraine is constantly fighting for peace and democracy for the whole world. Thanks to the desperate resistance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to Russian terrorism, the skies over many countries remain clear and people there still live peaceful lives.  

Apiko is from Ukraine and we can’t stand aside. We wish we could speak about software engineering. But our new realia makes us think of and talk about the violent war that has come to our country.

To our customers: 

What our clients have to know is that Apiko’s team continues our work to create value for your businesses. This is the best way for us to help the economy of our country and financially support our brave Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thank you for your staying with us!

We’re located in Western Ukraine, in safe places, and updated our processes.
We stay strong and provide coordinational assistance to our employees with relocation, shelters, and safety needs.

To all our readers:

Unfortunately, Russia completely ignores international humanitarian law and the rules of war. But Ukraine will resist and win, especially if you help us. 

Here is how foreigners can support Ukraine:

We really appreciate your prayers and support. 

Glory to Ukraine!