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Quality Assurance & Testing Services

Apiko team believes in the power of QA. We carry out reliable Testing and QA services throughout the entire development cycle.

Software development life cycle consists of 4 repeatable stages.
Let Apiko QA Team undertake the high quality of your product

Project business requirements gathering
  • Who are the product’s users?
  • How will they use the product?
  • What data should the app contain?
  • What data should the app return to the end user?
  • Requirements validation and their implementation possibility analysis
Design testing
Creation of the app’s design previously agreed in the requirements collection stage. This incorporates the creation of
a test strategy (what and how to test), taking into consideration the product’s overall architecture.
Developed functionality and performance testing
Testing on different levels is applied to make sure the product works according to the verified business requirements.
Further maintenance
Includes testing and fixing the issues which real customers face.We can state that the performance of each stage mentioned depends on the ‘Testing’ step. It’s that ‘turning point’ where the most of improvements to your product could be possibly made. It comes out that thorough software testing helps you distribute your resources wisely and launch safe and user-centred product. Leave bugs no chance.

Apiko quality assurance
and testing expertise

Mobile app
Web app
Frontend, backend

Apiko QA department applies testing on each level of SDLC

Coordinated work and support
  • Identification of test conditions and creation of test designs, test cases, test procedure specifications and test data. Tests automation or providing the help in tests automation
  • Tests execution and logging, results evaluation, the documentation of found problems.
  • Monitoring the test environment with the help of appropriate tools. Performance metrics data collection
  • Reviewing each other’s work in the QA department throughout the software testing life cycle, including test specifications. Reporting defects and test results
Automated and manual testing
Apiko provides you with QA and Testing services of two major types by which we ensure your product’s high quality and functionality. After any smallest backend/frontend alteration is made, we check by means of automated or/and manual testing if everything works as planned and even better.
Saved costs and reliable product
Controlled quality process from the very beginning ensures performant and defectless product delivery to the end user. Our primary aim is to let you spend fewer resources for bugs fixing and marketplace app smooth deployment.

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        Now, tell us about yourself a bit

        Our portfolio

        We deliver advanced, all-in-one solutions to meet all customer’s requirements and expectations.
        Check out a few of our recent projects.

        Raised $6.1M

        Project management software for teams used by leading companies:


        Our scope of work:

        • Front-end, front-end UI
        • Back-end & responsive
        • Website development
        • Mobile development
        8 x
        Apiko tech experts

        Technologies we’ve used:

        Learn More

        LetApp helps people save time by connecting for hiring: instantly and effectively

        Our scope of work:

        • Mobile and web design
        • Mobile
        • Web and backend development
        5 x
        Apiko tech experts

        Technologies we’ve used:

        Learn More

        Monitor your patient's vitals with real-time communication - conduct video, audio calls, messaging and files sharing between a doctor and patient.

        Our scope of work:

        • Mobile app development
        • Frontend
        • Backend
        • UI/UX
        3 x
        Apiko tech experts

        Technologies we’ve used:

        Learn More

        Mergein: video streaming app for face-to-face communication

        Our scope of work:

        • Android/ iOS mobile app development
        4 x
        Apiko tech experts

        Technologies we’ve used:

        Learn More

        Online food marketplace app

        Our scope of work:

        • Refactoring
        • Backend
        • Web and mobile app development
        • Online food marketplace development
        3 x
        Apiko tech experts

        Technologies we’ve used:

        Learn More

        Meals Unite is an online marketplace for sharing a meal with your friends or strangers - to connect people through the food ritual in a homelike atmosphere.

        Our scope of work:

        • Backend
        • Frontend
        • Android mobile app
        3 x
        Apiko tech experts

        Technologies we’ve used:

        Learn More

        TakeFin: Track your expenses

        Our scope of work:

        • Mobile app development
        2 x
        Apiko tech experts

        Technologies we’ve used:

        Learn More

        B2B work order management system has been developed for leading companies:


        Our scope of work:

        • Back-end development
        • Front-end development
        • Web app development
        • Mobile app development
        • QA & testing
        10 x
        Apiko tech experts

        Technologies we’ve used:

        Learn More
        /img/portfolio/skinAnalystics/splash copy.png

        Skin analytics app is a part of a custom developed AI aimed to improve the process of skin cancer screening.

        Our scope of work:

        • Mobile application development
        2 x
        Apiko tech experts

        Technologies we’ve used:

        Learn More

        Food marketplace web app for retailers, wholesalers and buyers. The aim is to enlist the company and shops, showcase the products and goods, improve the communication between the stakeholders in the food market.

        Our scope of work:

        • Frontend
        • front-end UI
        • backend & responsive website development
        2 x
        Apiko tech experts

        Technologies we’ve used:

        Learn More

        On-demand compliance management application

        Our scope of work:

        • Front-end development
        • Back-end development
        • Responsive design
        • QA & testing
        3 x
        Apiko tech experts

        Technologies we’ve used:

        Learn More

        A client came with an idea to create an activity booking application for scheduling and managing kid classes.

        Our scope of work:

        • Backend API
        • Web application
        • Mobile application
        3 x
        Apiko tech experts

        Technologies we’ve used:

        Learn More

        Open-source personal finance management app

        Our scope of work:

        • Frontend
        • Backend
        • Front-end UI
        • IOS/Android mobile app
        3 x
        Apiko tech experts

        Technologies we’ve used:

        Learn More

        Technologies we are passionate about

        Our development techniques, methodologies, and wide range of technologies are our alter ego.
        This is so much more than our job.

        What our clients say

        Our goal is the fruitful and long-standing relationships with our customers.
        That is why we build products thoroughly to meet all your demands and fulfil all requirements.

        Stephen Ives
        Tom Hay
        Stephen Beckham Jr
        Markus Smet
        Nadim T. Alawi
        Ned Daze
        Adrian Kent
        Jerry Shkavritko
        Ian McManus
        Ian Herzog
        Bryan Kennedy
        Bill Youngdahl
        Andrew Wilkin