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B2B marketplace development

We empower our clients and add value to their businesses providing B2B marketplace development both for web and mobile

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Here’s how we develop custom B2B marketplaces

Discovery stage
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Discovery stage

Discovery stage

On this stage we help you gather and organize your requirements, prioritize business goals and understand your target market. Having that done, our project manager will suggest the best ways and practices to address your needs.

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UI/UX design

UI/UX design

Based on the prepared documentation, we design prototypes and UI for your future marketplace. With profound understanding of your business idea, we implement the user journey and build an intuitive custom marketplace that your users will love.

UI/UX design
MVP development
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MVP development

MVP development

Our talented engineering team develops your marketplace in accordance with the latest industry standards. Your platform will be totally protected, powerful, maintainable allowing to add new functionality when needed.

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QA and optimization

QA and optimization

Putting special effort into testing each B2B marketplace website we create, and optimizing the code, we make sure the quality and efficiency of all the custom solutions our team delivers is top-notch and goes along with your business plans.

QA and optimization
Deploy and post-release support
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Deploy and post-release support

Deploy and post-release support

We don’t stop working on your project once it’s deployed, and quickly solve any issues that may occur. If you don’t have an in-house tech team, we will take care of your platform and support it on a regular basis.

Essential features of B2B marketplace development

Apiko team helps manufacturers, retailers and B2B brands build custom web and mobile B2B marketplace platforms. Here are some ideas of the features you can cover.

Advanced search and filters
Advanced search and filtersAdvanced search and filters

Ensure that your users will easily navigate through your website and find what they need. You can include such filters as keywords, size, color, type, price, shipping options, etc.

Custom catalog segmentation
Custom catalog segmentationCustom catalog segmentation

Provide suppliers with the option to upload catalogs and order goods directly. By including a multiple catalog view with such filters as price, assortment or industry, you’ll make the buying process faster and more personalized.

Detailed product description
Detailed product descriptionDetailed product description

Make the section of product description explicit. Include custom fields, where manufacturers can add all necessary information about the product, as well as upload video and images.

Personalized pricing strategies
Personalized pricing strategiesPersonalized pricing strategies

If you serve businesses of different sizes and requirements, offer them price calculators and show sample prices for a set of typical orders.


Personalized product recommendations will help you deliver the best experiences for each customer segment and lead them closer to the purchase stage.

Personalized product recommendations
Personalized product recommendationsPersonalized product recommendations will help you deliver the best experiences for each customer segment and lead them closer to the purchase stage.

Provide manufacturers and retailers with dashboards, where they can track information about active, pending or cancelled orders, view order details, analyze and forecast sales.

Streamlined selling
Streamlined sellingStreamlined selling

Working in B2B, you can focus on what really matters - A-class shopping experience, selling, client-oriented approach - and automate the rest.

Best shopping experience
Best shopping experienceBest shopping experience

Take advantage of advanced fuzzy search algorithms, easy-to-find trending items, dynamic filters to narrow down the research result and display relevant, specific product recommendations for your visitors.

New marketing channel
New marketing channelNew marketing channel

By creating mobile B2B marketplaces you engage generation Z and millennials' audience with ease. Accelerate your growth and expand your business through new markets.

Develop custom B2B marketplace platform with Apiko

Web B2B marketplace development

Web B2B marketplace development

Mobile B2B marketplace development

Mobile B2B marketplace development

Benefits of B2B web and mobile marketplace development

With the digital development of B2C buying behavior, B2B segment is not going to lag behind. Modern B2B customers look for a more personalized approach, flexible pricing, recommendations and detailed products overview. Here are the benefits of the B2B marketplace for both manufacturers and retailers.


Inventory visibility

Particularly in B2B selling, inventory management and the procedure of providing access to inventory levels play an important role. In today’s digitalized world, it becomes much easier to give customers and sales reps greater visibility into the inventory data they need when placing orders. An opportunity of viewing inventory availability significantly improves customer experience. Suppliers that provide inventory availability can prevent backorders and improve order accuracy and fulfillment.

Success cases

We build apps based on modern tech stack

Work order management system

Work order management system

B2B solution


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