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What makes food delivery app a lucrative business

Let`s face it - the online food delivery sector is quickly gathering pace. More and more food delivery apps are entering the market with the intention to lag their competitors behind. Want to create the next UberEats or GrubHub? Here is a handful of reasons to invest in food delivery service:

The food delivery industry will grow from $43 billion in 2017 to $76 billion in 2022

Opportunity to grow your business locally first and then go enterprise

Meet consumers expectations: order online to get time-saving, convenient, and simple service

Choose your marketplace business model

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Develop your custom online food marketplace with Apiko

We deliver both

Web marketpalce development
Mobile marketplace development

Consider features B2B, B2C, C2C
food marketplace app should have

Dashboards & user roles

Operator dashboard
Let us design the basic of your food marketplace - operator dashboard. You'll be able to communicate with suppliers and distributors, analyze collaboration statistics.
Supplier dashboard
Suppliers can easily showcase their portfolio, manage pricing, put up products for auction, communicate with distributors, analyze reports and statistics.
Distributor dashboard
Let distributors collaborate with suppliers and end users. Your food marketplace will allows them to hold the auctions, manage product delivery, create loyalty programs, etc.
User dashboard
Let food marketplace users search products, make an order, communicate with distributors, evaluate purchased products, etc.


Authorization & Login
We take care of the development of simple but at the same time secure way of registration and login into the system.
Search engine & filtering
Intuitive search engine allows to search suppliers, distributors by their location, product types, price, etc.
Product catalog
Let your suppliers and distributors navigate through the bulk of products, add products, update information, manage tradings, etc.
Consider the development of review feature to allow suppliers, distributors, and users submit a review of the provided service.

B2B features

B2B online auctions
With the help of online auction your platform uses can offer the particular price for food. This feature might be valuble for restaurants and cafes.
Browsing deals, offers
ILet restaurants or suppliers collaborate with other organizations (lik e delivery, charity, etc.), compare prices, offers, establish promotional alliances to promote each other.
Dynamic pricing/ price list
Usually sellers require different sets of pricing depending on the customers. Let your B2B marketplace users set the price in accordance with buyers location, type of partnership, etc.
Industry specific features
At Apiko, we can easily develop features that suit your end users' specific requirements, like showcasing multiple product images, displaying specific product information, etc.

B2C features

Let end users of your B2C food platform evaluate the collaboration with sellers/food service providers, submit a review of both sellers and products, etc.
Loyalty programs
We can develop a functionality for your food service proiders, so they can offer any rewards, loyaly cards, etc.

P2P features

Payment system for P2P platform
Think about payment system for P2P business model: admin commission, advertisement, affiliate system, etc.

Communication & analysis

Provide your customers with fast and effective support with robust chatbot that will answer all users' basic questions.
Let you B2B food markeplace users negotiate product and pricing via live chat or messanger.
Both food suppliers, distributors, operators can evaluate their progress and growth, analyse KPI, etc.

How Apiko Team builds your food marketplace platform

Here is how we develop your project: from idea validation to further maintenance and support.


Stage 1

Concept development

  • Business analysis
  • Wireframes & Prototyping
  • Project estimation
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Stage 2

UX/UI development

  • Brand identity
  • UI design
  • UX design
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Stage 3

Web, mobile app development

  • Product roadmap development
  • Project architecture development
  • Web, mobile app development itself
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Stage 4

Quality assistance

  • Quality assistance and consulting
  • Software testing life cycle
  • Manual and automated testing
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Stage 5

Business platform support

  • Web, mobile application support and further product maintenance
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