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Class management app development - case study

Build a marketplace platform for transport management: Optimizing and integrating production processes through prime software applications.

Short overview

Classroom management software - portfolio case


1 front-end developer

2 back-end developers


1,5 years


Web and mobile apps




Web and mobile app development

Classroom management software - portfolio case

Short overview

  • Team:

    1 front-end developer

    2 back-end developers

  • Time:

    1,5 years

  • Platform:

    Web and mobile

  • Industry:


  • Country:


  • Services:

    Web and mobile app development

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About the client

Enetricity is a company that specializes in providing software solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. The organization gives their clients the means of managing infrastructure efficiently by using top-quality digital tools. With new possibilities, companies can innovate their existing workflows, boosting productivity rates and making the most of the power of information.

The applications that Enetricity offers optimize the profitability and integrate smoothly with existing software. They design solutions that automate the processes specific to the logistics sector and also create advanced planning tools for users to have full control over business processes.

project idea

Project idea

As Enetricity supplies companies with different tools that are able to improve services or operations, its goal is to deliver high-quality digital solutions. One of such solutions is IlsaNet. It’s a next-generation transport management system that is designed to digitize manual processes and save transport company owners the trouble of monitoring their drivers or dealing with the hoards of paperwork.


Classroom management software - portfolio case


Enetricity excels in achieving logistics and production operations optimization through the implementation and adoption of custom digital solutions. The company contacted Apiko back in 2015 to build a marketplace platform for transport management to meet common logistic needs of different companies.

To automate the vital tasks of every organization that deals with transport activities, the web platform and mobile app had to be designed. The website was developed for office workers to act as a centralized system for order, transport, and report management. And for drivers, Apiko developed a mobile app - a companion to the IlsaNet transport management system, that can be used remotely to keep track of drivers, their routes and progress.

Transport Management Made Easy: IlsaNet

The IlsaNet, developed on .Net technology, shows where exactly the drivers are using GPS and automatically sends status updates regularly. Drivers can use their IlsaNet app to take a picture of their signed documents. When they hit send, these documents instantly arrive on the boss’s computer. It helps companies save tons of money on administrative costs, improve the cash flow, and considerably increase customer satisfaction. All thanks to the IlsaNet app.

Transport Management System

Classroom management tool for schools development
What can the transport management software do?

Every decision-making depends considerably on real-time information, so the importance of a Transport Management System for today’s shipping business cannot be underestimated. Through a smooth collection of essential information such as route options and rates, companies can manage their logistics most efficiently. The optimization involves:


Planning and decision-making:

A transport management system gives information to companies for real-time analysis and better planning regarding routes, carriers, costs, etc.


Performance of transportation work:

With a transport management system, organizations can achieve higher productivity by automating different vital functions such as data interchange, reporting, and dispatching.



Logistics managers have a lot on their plates. By increasing visibility along the complete cycle of shipment process, a transport management system can make a great impact on the overall growth of the company and its efficiency in dispatching orders. Managers will be in complete control of the journey knowing where exactly the shipments are at any time.


Performance assessment:

When measuring the effectiveness and cost of your supply chain, setting up and monitoring key performance indicators makes it easy to assess performance. The KPIs provide organizations with a picture of different cross-functional activities as well as individual supply chain components

IlsaNet Software

The IlsaNet is a transport management system for

Main features

We helped to deliver the following features, while building a marketplace platform


Integrated visual planning tool with touch screen enabled

Mobile app for iPhone and Android devices

A companion for the transport management system IlsaNet in your pocket

School management software: how to build

Track drivers

Trip / route progress

Track status

Photos of goods / damages

Scan CMR / POD

Technologies used for transport management software development


The outcome

Building a marketplace platform: the outcome

Enetricity together with a professional technical team from Apiko brought the idea of a new transport management software to life. IlsaNet is a powerful tool that optimizes office, planning, and logistics management work. The well-designed functionality and reliable tech stack with .Net technology in the lead meet the growing needs of transportation companies and give them the following advantages:

Cost savings. The biggest advantage a transport management software brings is the saving in costs. What allows for an increased ROI is better routing, better procurement, and lower cost mode selections.

Such results are possible by keeping track of the cost information from a number of providers and choosing the best options. Also, you can reduce costs by obtaining the information regarding which routes and drivers are the most efficient.

Dramatic increase in efficiency. The influence of manual work automatization is of paramount importance for every growing organization. By tracking a variety of products, shipments, and solutions digitally, a transport management software systematizes all the data into clear and easy-to-read documents, which helps managers make reasonable and fast decisions. What’s more, digitalization also eliminates human errors and as a result poor decision-making

So, companies who adopt new technologies and digitally transform their existing operations have an obvious competitive advantage and can increase their efficiency across different channels, from optimizing the work of the office to transportation managers.

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