Country: USA

Scope of Work: full-stack development (web & mobile app development, frontend, backend)



A client behind this project has relied his B2B work order management system idea of universal scope to us. The primary aim of the current app is:

  • to let companies (property/product owners) to browse and hire facility (and property) management companies (cleaning, building, electricity and technical services, etc. ) (suppliers);
  • to automate and take control of company invoices processing;
  • to coordinate the intake, dispatch, completion, and reporting of required services.

The salt of this project is its customization according to the customer’s needs. Apiko team has helped with bringing the concept to life by means of full-stack development

Benefits of work order management application for both categories

  • Look for and find required facility and property management service providers
  • Create work orders to monitor and receive reports on workflow a facility management company(or its employee) provides
  • Receive invoices and automate their processing
  • Run tenders to choose facility and property management service providers according to certain custom criteria
Supplier (service provider)
  • Offer facility services to leading companies in particular industry
  • Browse and monitor work orders (employee can track and analyze personal activity, add attachments, and descriptions for a certain type of work, etc.)
  • Apply for tenders a property owner organizes to choose suitable facility management service provider
Reports and invoices information are kept in a single, unified storage a system


Major features

The current project is a complex product, parts of which perform different functionality. They can be customized and adjusted according to the needs of either a property owner/manufacturer or a facility manager. In general, we can define the following main functionality:

  • Automated invoices processing
  • Monitoring and management of invoices and contracts a property owner and facility manager sign
  • Chatbot where you can inform about your issue or create a work order and then deliver it to the responsible party
  • Creation of work orders where both product owner and facility manager can browse and monitor the scope of work, its description, related description
  • Customizable product. The app functionality can be adjusted to the specific needs of either a property owner or a facility manager
  • Opportunity to arrange and participate in tenders, which can be created within app’s system

Work order management app integrations

Xtracta - automated data entry software which we’ve integrated with the app to enable automated invoices processing
Xero - accounting software to help both sides of customers track expenses and cashflow within project’s system
Peoplesoft - we’ve integrated the product with this solution to enable invoices validation
Integration with Citibank has helped us to implement automated invoice payment process

The outcome

Fully customizable and complex product, which automates lots of manual work and saves your time. The current work order management solution is a better way for manufacturers to find, hire, and monitor the workflow of facility management service providers they’ve chosen. For facility service providers, this product is the opportunity to offer their services, apply for tenders, and cooperate with large companies.

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