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Work order app development: An incredible technology built to develop a business process that defines your requirements, articulates the exact expectations and meets your objectives automagically

Short overview


Roman Tsvyk

Taras Dolyniuk

Pavlo Denys

Vitalii Budniak

Andriy Styagar


Oct 2016 - Present


Web & mobile app development


Facility management, accounting


USA, New York


Mobile development (iOS/Android), web development (Windows/Mac), dedicated team, QA testing

Short overview

  • Team:

    Roman Tsvyk
    Taras Dolyniuk
    Pavlo Denys
    Vitalii Budniak
    Andriy Styagar
  • Time:

    Oct 2016 - Present

  • Platform:

    Web & mobile app development

  • Industry:

    Facility management, accounting

  • Country:

    USA, New York

  • Services:

    Mobile development (iOS/Android), web development (Windows/Mac), dedicated team, QA testing

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About the client

Word order software is a management system designed to deal with customers and work information. It's mostly used to deal with maintenance requests inside a company and initially built to satisfy unique needs of users precisely

project idea

Project idea

Most companies are overwhelmed with a large amount of paperwork when it comes to managing their facilities. Our client's idea was to develop a custom work order management app that would automate the workflow between organizations and service providers, without buying an expensive and complicated software. Now it's an all-in-one facility management tool where companies can create work orders, manage invoices, choose suppliers, and track reports about the work done



If you decide to go with an existing work order management software, get ready to face the truth - there will be a myriad of their types, ratings and classifications. Perspective users have to analyze the key takeaways and highlights, so we’re here to help and represent the tool we built up for one of our customers. Redux.

The salt of this project is its customization according to the customer needs. The work order app can be adapted to any organization size and requirements and functions the way you do. With over 16 years of using an internal business application initially designed to solve complexities of enterprises, our client gained incredible insight on how inefficient the processes are throughout the facility industry. That’s why we developed an intelligent work order software for collecting, measuring and analyzing your facilities operations data for continuous process optimization

Challenges & Solutions

See the challenges and solutions we’ve offered to our clients

  • Develop 3 custom products: work order website for companies, mobile application for service providers, and chatbot system that automatically creates work orders

  • Migrate the platform from Meteor to GraphQL

  • Organize complex user roles, compile the functionality

starting point
  • Starting Point

    The client shared with us:

  • Ready-made Meteor app that required further development

  • The list of requirements and desired features

  • Initial design concept

  • Business model basics

research and analysis
  • Research & Analysis

    Steps we took to analyze the received information:

  • Involvement of a dedicated Business Analyst to assess given documentation and formulate the strategy 

  • Creating an environment that helps people do their jobs, regardless of their skills and knowledge with a simple process and task driven workflow 

  • Researching for the most effective tech stack that allows users to conduct business in a very efficient way including communication, information transfer, contract terms, payments and all the usual business arrangements 

  • During the work order app development process, we achieved the following outcome:

  • Rebuilding an existing Meteor application with extended functionality, adding required features and pages

  • Building an MVP and work order management mobile app from scratch, integrating necessary tools, creating landing pages

  • Over 4 years of the successful optimization, updating and maintenance of the web and mobile applications

What our clients say

Check out what our clients think of us

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Apiko worked primarily on the design and architecture for the backend and they also handled the frontend design. They do high-quality work. Apiko really thinks critically and challenges us. The in-house team is happy with the quality of Apiko’s work and their thoughtful approach. Apiko went above and beyond to understand and meet all needs, while their ability to resolve issues quickly and effectively made them a reliable partner.

Anthony Serdula

Anthony Serdula

President at

Main features of the work order app

Services needed for facility management companies:


Services needed for companies

  • Search for facility and property management service providers

  • Create and monitor work orders

  • Receive and process invoices

  • Run tenders and choose the best service provider company

  • Inform about the issues in chatbot system that automatically creates work orders

  • Create detailed work order reports


Feature set for service providers

  • Search for work orders

  • Set work availability

  • Estimate and track time spent

  • Update the status of work orders

  • Track physical assets by scanning QR codes of equipment

  • Fill in information about used materials

  • Get reminders and notifications


We’ve integrated the work order app with the following services

Technologies we used for the work order app development

Building a work order app: The outcome

Fully customizable and complex product which automates lots of manual work and saves your time. It provides a better way for organizations to find, hire, and monitor the workflow of facility management service providers they've chosen.

The work order management system takes control over your building operations and allows you to manage the processes through your smartphone.

We created a work order software, a complex process with the goal of creating an environment where the work is reviewable, repeatable and automated by providing a consultative approach to understanding a client's current situation, collaborating with them on solutions, and then executing on the plan.

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