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Multi-Sided Marketplace Development

Let us deliver flexible and scalable B2B or B2C marketplace platform
to break new ground in your business

ApikoTeam builds an online marketplace platform
that will bring your business to the new level.
Let us deliver to you:

Custom marketplace development
We thoroughly analyze your niche and audience, no hit or miss here. As a result, you have a unique product tailored to your business.
You get a scalable marketplace with the opportunity to extend it with more features as your business grows.
On time & within the budget
Right planning and ongoing communication help us to avoid misunderstandings and deliver a product within the agreed timeline and budget.
Constant support
We will assist you in solving any issues you encounter during the whole process of your product rollout. Together we will make a difference!
Marketplace basic features
Online marketplaces are all about the users. Hit the mark by providing them with the following essential features.

Why you should build your
web & mobile app with Apiko

In-depth market
Flexible approach
to building a strategy
Big cost

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Our portfolio

We deliver advanced, all-in-one solutions to meet all customer’s requirements and expectations.
Check out a few of our recent projects.

Raised $4M
project management app development

Project management software for teams

Country: New York, USA

Scope of Work: Frontend, backend for web application

Result: We are proud to say that Hive has achieved the amazing results - raised $4 million investment! It's a great honor for us to be a part of Hive team and share their success! Apiko team keeps collaborating with Hive and together we aim for new achievements.

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Collaborative software tool, compliance management, lean management principles, business regulation software, document management tool, non-conformity management, risk management software, workflow management

Compliance management platform

Country: UK

Scope of Work: Frontend & backend for web solution, iOS & Android mobile app

Result: Apiko team has developed a modern commercially successful web and mobile applications.

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food marketplace application screen

B2B food marketplace platform

Country: Denmark, Germany

Scope of Work: Frontend, front-end UI, backend & responsive website development

Result: Our Team developed an advanced B2B food marketplace platform to let producers distribute the necessary product information as well as collaborate with their customers in a transparent and comprehensive way.

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food marketplace application screen

Hot Spots Event Management Platform

Country: USA

Scope of Work: Frontend, front-end UI, backend, iOS mobile app, Android mobile app.

Result: Our client received an event planning application for both iOS and Android. It has all the necessary functionality for the release and promotion.

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experitix application screen

Cloud-Based Platform For Scheduling Events & Managing Ticket Sales

Country: USA

Scope of Work: Frontend, front-end UI, backend, iOS mobile app, Android mobile app.

Result: Developed fully functional platform for scheduling, event management, payments, and reporting that can be used in any industry.

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