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Custom mobile app development for instant hiring - LetApp. Read on how Apiko developed a recruiting app that lets users make new work connections easily.

Short overview


Oleh Mryhlod

Terry Sahaidak

Vitaliy Kobytsia

Vitalii Budniak


2018 - ongoing


Mobile, Web (landing page)


Business, recruitment




Web and mobile app development, web and mobile UX/UI design, quality assurance, Backend development

Short overview

  • Team:

    Oleh Mryhlod
    Terry Sahaidak
    Vitaliy Kobytsia
    Vitalii Budniak
  • Time:

    2018 - ongoing

  • Platform:

    Mobile, Web
    (landing page)

  • Industry:

    Business, recruitment

  • Country:


  • Services:

    Web and mobile app development, web and mobile UX/UI design, quality assurance, Backend development

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About the client

LetApp is a mobile recruiting app for hiring managers and candidates, a place where work connections happen.

project idea

Project idea

The main goal of the project is to make a difference to the way recruiters connect with employees. No more long CVs and descriptions. LetApp helps candidates quickly apply with video / audio introduction, chat within the app, and schedule an interview.



Hiring managers spend a lot of time before finding the right candidate. They have to deal with the CVs, reach for different candidates, and be torn between numerous interviews. Sure thing, it kills all the creative juices.

To make the hiring process easier, our client - Ankur Patel - came to Apiko for recruiting app development, to create LetApp. Though some initial work (such as MVP, backend, design sketches) had already been done, it was not sufficient for a well-functioning app. Our team, which consisted of two developers, a designer and a quality engineer, made significant improvements. We created a new user-friendly UI/UX design, rewrote the backend and rebuilt a mobile app using MobX technology instead of Redux.

After a successful initial deployment, Apiko continued our cooperation with Ankur Patel. Now our team keeps working on this long-term project, adding new features and extending its functionality.

Challenges & solutions

See the challenges and solutions we’ve offered to our clients during recruiting app development

  • Creating an enticing app UI/UX design that is convenient to use and connect for hiring managers and candidates

  • Building a robust mobile app that is able to sustain a growing business

  • Developing a landing page with the goals of attracting more users, building awareness and calling them to action

  • Enabling job posts submission functionality

  • Integrating the feature of sending and receiving audio / video intros

starting point
  • Starting Point

    The client initially had:

  • Business idea

  • MVP

  • Not sufficient backend

  • Design sketches

  • During the recruiting app development process, we achieved the following outcome:

  • New UI/UX design

  • Rewritten backend

  • Reliable mobile app rebuilt on new technology - MobX

  • Ongoing maintenance

What our clients say

Check out what our clients think of us

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Apiko completed the application, and they're currently implementing changes and improvements based on user feedback. hey’ve been extremely helpful in testing each function, then resolving any issues that arise. Highly responsive and flexible, the team overcame initial challenges to deliver a high-quality product. The positive experience has set the foundation for a lasting partnership.

Ankur Patel

Ankur Patel

Founder, CEO
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Recruiting app functionality

We helped to deliver the following features in LetApp for hiring managers & candidates:


Job post submission

For hiring managers to easily reach more candidates and spread the word about new vacancies, we enabled job post submissions. This feature allows users to post a vacancy effortlessly, providing key information about the job, location, skills, and start date.


Search for jobs

Quickly search for a job near your location with the help of Google location API, which is similar to Google Maps. Users can choose their current or any other location to see a list of active job openings that match keywords and are situated within 10 miles.


Audio / video recording and playback

Apiko developers added a unique feature to the app that enables users to apply for a job instantly with a video or audio intro. We built a custom audio/video recorder and playback player so that users can record and review their intros directly in the recruiting app.



Connect with employers and candidates via the in-app chat. We built a custom chat with real-time updates so that hiring managers can contact candidates, whom they are interested in, and chat directly to set up the next steps.


User dashboard

Check the status of your jobs and intros. With the dashboard, users can easily track the status of their work connections, see lists of their own postings and intros, tag jobs and candidates.


Push notifications

Get notifications about the job updates, new available jobs, new candidates, and chat messages. We integrated mobile push notifications with OneSignal for users to be notified immediately about their jobs or intros important updates. Also, users can see a list of new and recent alerts in the app, which allows them to keep up with the changes and respond to them faster.


Sharing posts

Share job postings with other people to get more engagement. Our team of developers built a "sharing" feature using deep linking integration - Users can share job post links with other people in any socials, which will contain an image and short job info. If people press the link, they will be redirected to the specific content in the app. If they don't have the app installed, they will be navigated to the app store. After downloading and opening the recruiting app, they will be able to view the job content that relates to the pressed link. The feature helps users to get more candidates for their open positions and increase the number of users and engagements in LetApp.


We’ve integrated the recruiting app with the following services


Custom recruiting app development: the outcome

Using LetApp helps people save time by connecting for hiring. We do our best to make the app a special place where work connections happen instantly and effectively.

Currently, the developers at Apiko are working on improving the app and implementing more brand new features. The extended functionality and seamless performance allow candidates and hiring managers to make the most of their app user experience.
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