Country: Denmark

Scope of Work: Backend API, web application, mobile application.



A client came to us with an idea to create an activity booking application for scheduling and managing kid classes. The app connects children to volunteers that teach classes in different hobby clubs.

With the help of this application children can choose their age group, book the activity and subscribe to the hobby club. During the classes, children check in, so parents and volunteers can track their attendance.

Volunteers, in their turn, have the list of classes they teach. During the class, volunteers can also check children in, in case they forgot to do this themselves.

The main idea of this app is to help children find and discover the best activities and experiences.

Business Challenge

Our main tasks were:
  • Develop mobile application for children and volunteers
  • Create the web admin panel for managing the app
  • Сonnect these two parts that сomplement each other into a single functional system

Technology Stack

We’ve utilized the set of mobile JS-based technologies mostly to provide the great app’s usability on both mobile platforms

The main functionality:

  • Search by activities

    Children can easily find any activity by typing it into a
    search bar

  • Sorting by subscribed activities

    Children see the activities they are attending first

  • Sorting by closest activities

    The activities are displayed according to the schedule

Groups and activities
  • Timing

    Each group has classes at a certain time of the week.
    Children can choose the time and date convenient for them.

  • Subscription / Unsubscription

    Children can subscribe to different hobby clubs, as well as
    unsubscribe if they don’t find them interesting.

  • Check-in

    Сhildren can check in during the class, but only if it has
    started. Volunteer, in their turn, can check out the kid that
    has checked in, but wasn't present at the class.

Messages and notes
  • Creation

    You can compose messages both to seperate users and
    entire groups

  • Search

    Users can search messages by author, activity, and group

  • Filters

    Users can filter messages by time and date

Web management
  • Users management

    Administrators can add, edit, and delete children and

  • Activity management

    Delete, add, or edit list of activities and hobby clubs

  • Group management

    Delete, add, or edit groups and their schedules

Web statistics
  • Children attendance

    Managers and volunteers have an access to the attendance

  • Statistics of a certain activity

    Managers can choose a certain activity and see the statistics
    of its attendance over some period of time

  • Statistics of a certain kid

    Managers can choose a kid and see the statistics of activities
    he/she has visited over a certain period of time

  • General statistics

    The application provides the number of all registered users
    with the ability to filter them.

  • Excel and PDF data export

Benefits for users

For volunteers:
  • Access to the schedule of classes they teach
  • Children attendance control and tracking
  • Notes between volunteers
  • Notification system from managers
For children:
  • Wide scope of classes at any time and for any age group
  • Ability to check in during the class
  • Notifications from volunteers and managers
For managers:
  • System management
  • Messaging system
  • Classes attendance statistics
  • Statistics data export


Our Client has received both web and mobile activity booking applications for kids and providers. With this app, children can easily book and attend activities they like, when managers and providers can track the class attendance and improve leisure activities at schools.

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