Perfi is a React Native-based app, with open source code, which helps you in controlling your expenses and incomes. The aim of this simple yet intuitive in use tool is to become a great assistant when it comes to personal finances management.

Money management could be a vital part of your everyday activities planning, especially if there are multiple sources of transactions and you want to track them down transparently. For this, we developed Perfi that provides class A convenience and functionality in use for both platforms, either it’s Android or iOS.

Solutions stack

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  • Intuitive and robust interface
  • 5 major menu items for quick and effective personal finance track-down
  • Switch between such accounts as Card or Cash. Custom account adding is enabled too
  • Multiple of expenses categories with a possibility to add your own category
  • Effortless transactions creation
  • Transactions sorting and view by date or time, category or account
  • Transactions trends, to see the dynamics of incomes and expenses
  • Money transfer between accounts and instant results display
  • Embedded calculator right in the process of transaction creation

You can try out Perfi by downloading it via Expo and scanning a given QR code. Download link.

Open Source

This is completely open source project! It means you can fork it on GitHub and manually add the features you miss!