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Building a buy and sell marketplace
Building a buy and sell marketplace

Apiko CRM for Professional
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Custom CRM software development: how we streamlined Apiko workflow by automating requests management, contacts' data storage, and online meetings quality assessment, and boosted the efficiency of our sales team.

Short overview


Peter Strutynskyi

Yuliya Tsvihun

Petro Liashchynskyi


2018 - 2021




Custom software development




Web app development, dedicated team, QA and software testing

Short overview

  • Team:

    Peter Strutynskyi
    Yuliya Tsvihun
    Petro Liashchynskyi
  • Time:

    2018 - 2021

  • Platform:


  • Industry:

    Custom software development

  • Country:


  • Services:

    Web app development, dedicated team, QA and software testing

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About the client

Apiko is a web and mobile app development company with a solid expertise in design and engineering of custom software solutions. The Apiko CRM system keeps all the data relevant to our customers and leads well-structured in one place.

It helps to administer the interactions with clients, and even allows getting feedback about the quality of calls with our sales managers, which is used for constant improvement of our services. The functionality works perfectly for streamlining the company workflow, making it more smooth and efficient.

project idea

Project idea

When you strive to provide high-quality software development services, streamlining all the incoming requests and interactions with customers without losing any related data is crucial. Automatic storing of provided personal information, tasks management system, on-time notifications are just a few of the absolutely beneficial features boosting the efficiency of the sales team. The Apiko CRM is a perfect solution to effortlessly administer your customer relationships, and to track the opportunity.



Being a growing outsourcing software development company, Apiko needed a unified system that would satisfy all the needs of every person engaged in customer services, and also include

  • A database with the contact information of all the current and potential clients, and companies that we work with.

  • A storage of all collaboration history and relevant documents.

Despite a wide choice of CRM platforms available on the market, none of them were a perfect fit for Apiko’s business processes. As a professional services firm, we would not require an abundance of offered advanced features, however, some of the necessary functionality was missing.

With a list of the basic features, the dedicated team has developed and launched the first CRM release. It was taken into work by our sales department immediately, and that has triggered the flow of suggestions for the new functionality and improvements. They have been implemented and tested one by one, leaving out the redundant features. This customer development approach resulted in a tailored CRM software that perfectly automates, optimizes and streamlines sales management processes at Apiko.


Challenges & solutions

See the challenges, and solutions we’ve offered to our clients

  • Thoroughly plan the app functionality and come up with a list of necessary features

  • Build a custom CRM app for keeping all leads- and customers-related data at one place, and optimizing the sales processes inside the company

  • Design the requests' management system functionality and extend it with features for smooth and simple sales process

  • Enable integration of the platform with Apiko recruitment software and the website

  • Constantly update the CRM software according to our internal needs and requirements

starting point
  • Starting Point

    The client initially had:

  • Product vision and concept

  • Clearly-defined objectives

  • Completing the list of primary features

  • Custom CRM software developed with reliable strategies and proven tech stack

  • Convenient UI/UX design for an intuitive and pleasant user flow

  • Integration with Apiko recruitment app and the website

  • Adding advanced features

  • Adding integration with Telegram, Slack, Skype, and Zoom

  • Ongoing maintenance

What our clients say

Check out what our clients think of Apiko

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As a Sales Manager at Apiko, I have been using Apiko CRM for almost 2 years now. The system is quite intuitive and user-friendly. Leads processing became much easier, as we can store all the data about our customers in one place. In the course of time, our team has done a lot of improvements, based on our feedback, and continues delivering new features on demand. My favorite feature that has been implemented recently is the ability to add comments to the tasks. I can easily find all the relevant information in a matter of seconds.

Iryna Chaika

Iryna Chaika

Sales Manager at Apiko

Main features of the product


Requests processing automation

Since a considerable part of the requests received at Apiko come through our website, we have integrated the CRM system with it. A feature showing the contact’s journey that led them to submitting a request provides valuable insight on our website operation. Besides automatic saving of the contact’s data, the platform allows call scheduling, and assigning a person responsible for processing the request. You can also add the information and attach relevant files manually.

An integration with Apiko recruitment CRM shows who works on our clients’ projects, their roles and tech stack. Optional kanban view, and filtering the requests by their sources, priority labels, processing status, assignees, start/ end date, etc. add to the convenience of the CRM.


Contacts’ data storage

CRM automatically saves the contact’s data provided within the request, e.g. their name, email, phone number, country they are from, etc. These data are also exported to HubSpot, which is a powerful sales and marketing tool. Gmail integration brings the complete messaging history with the contact to the CRM, bringing indeed all the collaboration details to one place. You can edit or add the necessary data or even create a new contact manually as well.


Tasks management system

Streamline the workflow with the automatically created tasks depending on the stage of request processing. Manual tasks adding and editing is enabled, along with their filtering by completion status, relevant dates and assignees.


Notifications system

Stay tuned with your customer relationship activities and receive real-time notifications about any updates and requests on Telegram, Skype, and Slack.


Meeting notes and sales managers’ calls assessment

Easily note the call summary and its main highlights, not to let any information slip away from you. The Apiko CRM automatically saves the notes as a PDF file and mails it to your contact as well. Now both of you are caught up with the call outcome, and ready to look through it whenever you need. No doubt, it’s a useful feature, and there is more to it! Together with the pdf file, the contact receives a call quality assessment form that they are kindly asked to complete. This unique CRM functionality provides you with the feedback about the sales managers services, and may help their further improvement.



Analyze the results of your work with a comprehensive statistics report, encompassing the last month, year or the whole period of your business activity. Data visualization provides a convenient view of the tendencies that take place at your customer management processes. It concerns the work with requests, tasks and meetings, new customers and monthly budget information, calls quality assessment statistics, and much-much more.


features and the development process




Custom CRM software development: the outcome

With regular feedback and suggestions from the sales department, Apiko's dedicated team designed and realized a digital solution that perfectly meets all users’ requirements. Automated contacts’ data storage, tasks management, and detailed statistics reports are just a few features that optimize sales processes. Feedback on the quality of online meetings from our clients, and a seamless user experience provided by this custom CRM software help Apiko to improve the services, and achieve higher efficiency and clients’ satisfaction.

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