Data analytics tool for veterinary clinics

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It's important for any business to track the analytics and achievements, compare the results, and set new benchmarks. Our client deals with veterinary clinics, providing them with a business education, analytical and consulting services, online resources and training.
Our Client came to us with an idea to create a data analytics tool for veterinary clinics. Its main goal is to manage clinic`s activity, track income, number of clients and consultations, compare the department’s progress, and average consult rate.

Technology Stack

The main functionality:


A dashboard provides a detailed analytics for three types of departments:

  • Practice

    Analytics data for the whole veterinary clinic

  • Branch

    Analytics data for a certain branch of the clinic

  • Team

    Performance and achievements of a separate team

Data analytics tool for veterinary clinics
The users get access to the following data:
  • Income, consultations, average consult rate, and active clients for a certain period of time
  • Monthly income and its comparison with previous years.

    Green bar indicates the income per current year, grey bar shows the income for the same month but in previous year, when red bar indicates a drop in profit for this period of time.

Data analytics tool for veterinary clinics
  • Top 5 income increases per last month

    A user can see what activity has increased the overall profit of the clinic. This change can be represented in an amount of income, number, and ratio.

  • Top 5 income declines per last month

    The same goes with the clinic`s income decline.

  • Сomparison of consults per client, active patients, transactions per client, x-rays per consult, etc.
Data analytics tool for veterinary clinics

The user dashboard provides analytics in a shortened form. If you want a more detailed information, you can switch to the analytics tab and see the data drill down.

  • Exact number of of current income, its decrease and decline per certain period of time
  • Income by branch
  • Income by team members

    You can view and compare the income by different measures, such as active clients, anaesthetics, dentals, laboratory work,etc.

Data analytics tool for veterinary clinics

Benchmarking provides a data for the certain branches and teams of the veterinary clinic.

  • Branch

    Here a user can see and compare data in polar charts by different items such as cash, client, compliance, etc.

  • Team

    In the team section a user can track and compare income, number of clients, and compliance of the separate team members.
    A user can also compare the income, number of clients, income per client, diagnostic revenue, etc. of different team members on the 12 point graph.

Data analytics tool for veterinary clinics


Apiko team has developed a front-end part of user-friendly analytics tool for veterinary clinics. It helps to track, compare, and analyze important data and, as result, improve the work efficiency and success metrics. All the data is represented in different types of graphs to make the analysis process simple and convenient.

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