Healthcare real-time mobile app

Country: USA

Scope of Work: mobile app development, frontend, backend, UI/UX


Project story

A client has requested the development of mobile medical app to monitor patient's vitals with real-time communication features included. The app should provide the opportunity to conduct video, audio calls, messaging and files sharing between a caregiver and a patient in the live mode.


The major requirements were to create a React Native-based mobile medical app with

  • The functionality of both an online consulting app and a care coordination product
  • Real-time chat, video, audio calls and file sharing
  • Integration with the following medical devices:
Blood pressure
Finger pulse

Technology Stack


We’ve helped our client to create one of a kind mobile healthcare app that enables real-time communication between the doctor and the patient. The product allows remote medical examination and consultation by means of peer-to-peer streaming, report sharing, messaging, audio and video calls.

Major features

  • App Bluetooth integration with weight scales, blood pressure monitor, finger pulse oximeter and сontinuous temperature monitoring to examine patient’s state of health
  • Patient’s vitals live streaming between the patient and the doctor
  • Real-time peer-to-peer video, audio calls and chat
  • Private messaging
  • Secured files exchange using WebRTC technology
  • Notifications system. If patient’s health indicators are somehow unstable, the caregiver is immediately notified
For a Caregiver
  • Remote communication with a patient and patient’s vitals metrics monitoring
  • Comfortable and secured real-time video, audio chat, private messages sending and files sharing
  • Rapidly get in touch with other medical staff members and coordinate the treatment process within your team via different live chat options
  • Receive notification whenever patient’s vitals metrics change
For a Patient
  • Appoint medical examination at home or remotely and quickly check personal state of health.
  • Contact your doctor via video, audio chats or write them a private message
  • Use the app with the wearable medical devices.
  • Share the results with your doctor.
  • Convert the measured items right to the app and see your vitals indicators.
  • Or take the measurements and stream them in the live mode with your doctor.

Healthcare app inside

The app’s interface consists of three main screens that show available for connection Bluetooth devices, the list of online users and reports.

List of connectable devices. Easily connect withthe required medical device (weight scales, blood pressure monitor, finger pulse oximeter or сontinuous temperature monitoring) using Bluetooth.
Browse the list of online users. Share reports or get in touch using video, audio or direct messages.
Stream vitals indicators in real-time. User-focused app’s UX/UI design lets you track key health indicators like blood pressure, pulse and heartbeat rates, etc.

The most challenging parts of development were

  • Bluetooth integration and conversion of the results from medical devices into readable measurement items
  • Because of the documentation lack and other useful, learning resources, it was quite a challenge to combine WebRTC+React Native stack


We’ve carried out a reliable real-time healthcare mobile app built with React Native that in the future will transform the realm of medicine. This healthcare solution allows remote and at the same time, more comfortable communication between a caregiver and a doctor by providing the ability to conduct audio, video calls, chatting and secure vitals data streaming.

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