healthcare mobile application development

Country: New York, USA

Scope of Work: Mobile app development, Frontend, Backend, UI/UX


The idea of our client was to develop a mobile medical app for monitoring patients' vitals and communicating with them in real time.

It allows doctors and patients consult online via real-time chat, have video/audio calls and share files with vitals in the real time.


Our goal was to create a product that allowed remote medical examination and consultation by means of peer-to-peer streaming, report sharing, messaging, audio and video calls.

Our tasks were:

  • Integrate the app with such medical devices as weight scales, blood pressure monitor, and finger pulse oximeter

  • Build Bluetooth integration and conversion of the results from medical devices into readable measurement items

  • Combine WebRTC with React Native stack


We helped to deliver the following features in Healthcare:

For caregivers

For caregivers

  • Online communication

    Doctors can easily communicate with patients and monitor their vitals online

  • 02
  • Privacy

    Comfortable and secured real-time video, audio chat, private messages sending and files sharing

  • 03
  • Communication with other medical staff

    Doctors can collaborate with their team via live chat and coordinate the treatment processes

  • 04
  • Notifications

    Doctors immediately get notifications about any changes in patient's vitals metrics

For patients

For patients

  • Quick health check

    Patients can appoint medical examinations at home or remotely to check their vitals

  • 02
  • Integration with wearable medical devices

    Ability to use the application with such medical devices as weight scales blood pressure monitor, and finger pulse oximeter

  • 03
  • Vitals monitoring

    Patients can convert the measured items right to the app and see their vitals indicators

  • 04
  • Vitals sharing

    Opportunity to share the results with your doctor or take the measurements and stream them live

Main integrations

Healthcare app integrates with the following devices:

Technology Stack


Real-time healthcare mobile app built with React Native that can transform the realm of medicine. It provides more comfortable communication between a caregiver and a doctor with the help of audio / video calls, chat, and secure vitals data streaming.

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