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Bringing value to a leading private label fulfillment specialists through a scalable custom-made multi-carrier shipping software

Short overview


Yulia Vykhovanets

Serhiy Zinchuk

Roman Sklepoviy


Sep 2019 - Present


Web and mobile


Packaging & Containers




Dedicated team, web development, mobile development

Short overview

  • Team:

    Yulia Vykhovanets
    Serhiy Zinchuk
    Roman Sklepoviy
  • Time:

    Sep 2019 - Present

  • Platform:

    Web and mobile

  • Industry:

    Packaging & Containers

  • Country:


  • Services:

    Dedicated team, web development, mobile development

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About the client

JetPack aggregates orders from different marketplaces, like eBay, Shopify or Amazon and helps with everything from processing, marketing, and even customer service. They are focused on the long term business relationships and always strive to do everything possible to make sure that customers not only possess all the tools to become successful and reach their goals, but to put them on the fast paced path on becoming one of the top online marketing elite.

project idea

Project idea

Simply put, JetPack is a fulfillment and shipping provider, initially designed to assist users with creating their products and managing the inventory. It generates dedicated UPC codes while getting goods ready for shipping and automates the online order process, being integrated with the customer's CRM system. After receiving an order, they pick & pack all items and send shipment confirmation, addressing them straight to customers’ door step.



In general, JetPack Shipping is targeted at large-scale retailers, who consider the company as a strategic partner for delegating them on demand order fulfillment and focus more on their marketing, cost per acquisition and business strategy.

Challenges & solutions

See the challenges and solutions we've offered to our clients

  • Developing the backend and frontend functionality from scratch

  • Migrating the infrastructure from one AWS account to another, setting up CI/CD pipelines

  • Building up a custom made warehouse software that is essentially a duplicate of the current software the customer has been using (VeraCore).

starting point
  • Starting Point

    Till the start of the development process, we carefully analyzed:

  • The analog of a requested software with all its features and drawbacks

  • Business vision, concept and objectives of launching a multi-carrier shipping software

  • Screenshots of a mock UI

research and analytics
  • Research & Analysis

    During the period of our partnership, we’ve run through the following basic stages

  • The full-cycle development process (frontend & backend) of a shipping management application 

  • Building up an architecture of a web application with AWS infrastructure 

  • Developing the "product creator" for private labeling services 

  • All the efforts made resulted in:

  • Intuitive admin panel for tracking and managing orders from different marketplaces within one software

  • A web-based “product creator” to provide turn-key private labeling services from product sourcing to design and product launch

Main features of the product

Deep linking


CRM connection form

Deep linking

JetPack Shipping allows integrating of existing CRM into the system with minimal effort and in no time. All a user has to do is choose the CRM (like Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, UltraCart), provide credentials and create a new connection. This fully integrated approach delivers orders directly from a user’s website into JetPack software where orders are printed, packed and dispatched.


Configurable API call

Besides those CRMs, listed in the select field, users can connect a custom-made CRM through the configurable API call, providing all required data.



Synced orders list

Whether a retailer sells one product a week or has high volume sales every day it is critical that customers receive their order on time, always. Once the eCommerce account is integrated with JetPack Shipping, all the orders-related data is carefully tracked, saved and displayed. Moreover, a new order can be created within the software manually.


Synced products list

JetPack Shipping syncs products that are available to the online store, so the process of listing items is very transparent and intuitive. The user’s product catalog, inventory, and order information are continuously synchronized with JetPack Shipping.


Order details modal

There’s nothing better than managing all your data from A to Z within one interface. That’s the reason why we created the order details modal, containing the exhaustive information regarding shipping address, tracking number, ZIP code, etc.


Report constructor form

Data processing and analytics will be much easier with the Report Constructor - a retailer can pick up a predefined form of a report and set up filters & models to generate a regular report with precise data.


Orders importing from CSV files

Order history may also be imported into the system from a CSV file, so the users can rest assured that nothing will be missed out.


We've integrated the product with the following services


The outcome

With Jetpack Shipping, large-scale retailers can easily handle their product orders, since the fulfillment provider has strong partnership with various logistics companies, so that the process becomes quicker, better and cheaper. That said, their platform has to be clearly organized and robust enough to deliver hassle-free, intuitive experience and meet the ever-growing needs of entrepreneurs. Our team kept this end-goal in mind while developing the functionality and building the architecture.

As a result, the custom-made functionality turned JetPack from a vendor into a top shipping management software vested in customers’ success with deep understanding of their goals.

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