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On-demand compliance management application

Country: UK

Scope of Work: Frontend, backend, responsive design


Project story

Our client's goal was to create a better alternative to existing on-demand products for compliance management.
Such system had to provide a convenient way to control, share, and audit your compliance documents.


The main requirements were to create a platform that will be quickly configured, run in the cloud, and saturated with simple
and intuitive user experience.

Technology Stack

Scope of Work

Apiko team has created the application from scratch according to the client's requirements and user interface design.
Main features of this compliance management system are:

Risk management

Plio offers a Risk Register that helps to identify and analyze the risks and link them to specific business policies and departments.

  • Link to standards + corrective actions
  • Score your risks on impact vs probability
  • Conduct risk evaluation
  • Create risk treatment plans
Document management

Plio provides a database to store and share standard documents, gives access to them for individuals and departments, and views them in a hierarchical structure.

  • Define quality & compliance standards
    (policies + checklists)
  • Define quality & compliance management
    objectives and obligations
  • Word .docx file import
  • Document version control & change log
Workflow management

Workflow management system allows you to add tasks, set priorities, apply filters, and complete actions in a single click. All the actions in Plio are tracked within Plio's workflow system and are easily managed.

  • Create corrective actions + preventive actions +
    risk control actions
  • Link to standards + non-conformities + risks
  • Monitor status via traffic light indicators
  • Ability to configure simple and full workflows
Non-conformity management

Record any non-conformities your business faces. Plio's nonconformity manager automatically links in any corrective actions people create. Plio keeps track of all nonconformities and sends reminders when deadlines are due.

  • Identify and manage non-conformities (potential breaches)
  • Create improvement plans
  • Root cause analysis
  • Link to standards and actions


Plio is a cross-platform application that gives users a private cloud database with document management system,
integrated workflow system, and highly customizable layout.

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