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Build a marketplace platform with Apiko tech team: simple and reliable compliance management website, initially rolled out to increase standardization of processes, provide continuous improvement and eliminate drudgery.

Short overview


Michael Rokosh

Serhiy Zinchuk


May 2016 - Oct 2019


Web application


Compliance Management


Great Britain


Full-stack development (Frontend, Backend), UI/UX design, QA & testing

Short overview

  • Team:

    Michael Rokosh
    Serhiy Zinchuk
  • Time:

    May 2016 - Oct 2019

  • Platform:

    Web application

  • Industry:

    Compliance Management

  • Country:

    Great Britain

  • Services:

    Full-stack development (Frontend, Backend), UI/UX design, QA & testing

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About the client

Plio is a virtual assistant, that automates key tasks, streamlines improvement processes and helps compliance managers to run more effective compliance programs.

project idea

Project idea

Our client wanted to build a marketplace platform used to continually track, monitor, and audit whether business processes are aligned with applicable laws, organizational policies, and the standards of consumers and business partners. Within Plio, the software functionality goes far beyond a standard compliance program. Such a system had to provide a convenient way to control, share, and audit your compliance documents.



Steve Ives came to us with an idea to build a marketplace website and introduce a more structured, multi-layered approach into the small and medium-sized technology businesses. Based on his own experience, our client realised the need to apply methodical, consistent and dynamic management techniques in smaller companies because most of the available software applications were designed and heavily-tailored to larger companies. Existing on-demand products for compliance management are expensive to license and time-consuming to set up. Most of them offer the user experience that is too complicated to get acquainted with. Steve’s initial goal was to design a platform to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Can be configured quickly to support any set of compliance management processes

  • Runs in the cloud, enabling on-demand provisioning and low entry cost

  • Offers simple, very intuitive and integrated user experience.

Challenges & solutions

See the challenges and solutions we’ve offered to our clients while building a marketplace platform

  • Front-end / Back-end development

  • Responsive design adaptation

  • Building a marketplace platform that will be quickly configured, run in the cloud, and saturated with simple and intuitive user experience

  • Creating an online marketplace as an integrated tool that could expand the target market for Plio out from quality managers and compliance managers to include owners and founders of small/medium businesses

starting point
  • Starting Point

    Our client provided us with the following input data:

  • End-goal and business model

  • Desired list of features

  • Initial design concept

Research and development
  • Research & Analysis

    We carefully prepared for the software development:

  • Defined the scope of work, divided the plan into milestones 

  • Provided with the detailed estimate 

  • Involved a Business Analyst to work closely with a customer and craft a comprehensive analysis 

  • 6 stages of development and enhancements

  • Integrating Plio with numerous wanted tools

  • Optimizing and extending the functionality

What our clients say

Check out what our clients think of us

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Apiko has a lot of expertise in the MeteorJS software stack. There were no situations of the team needing to learn a part of the language. Project management was better than expected as well. Our experience has been good from a quality and reliability standpoint. Apiko assigned a very good project manager. He was very conscientious, took a lot of time to understand requirements, and followed through well at his end, making sure that the software was implemented properly.

Steve Ives

Steve Ives

Co-Founder, Plio Ltd.

Main features of the product

Building a marketplace platform for modern dynamic businesses not only to meet the needs of their customers, but also the requirements of their regulatory agency.

Designed for regulated companies and compliance consultants, Plio lets you:

  • Create and maintain a standards book for your key processes and policies

  • Quickly and easily access all of the necessary information that relates to a specific compliance standard and take some actions if needed

  • Conduct a real time messaging dialogue around each specific business process

  • Streamline the tracking of corrective actions within this process

  • Introduce a continuous improvement approach into the business.


Risk management

Plio offers a Risk Register that helps to identify and analyze the risks and link them to specific business policies and departments.

  • Link to standards + corrective actions

  • Score your risks on impact vs probability

  • Conduct risk evaluation

  • Create risk treatment plans


Document management

Plio provides quick access to all your important compliance documents ( files, web pages or even videos) for you and your advisors. In Plio your standards documents are automatically linked to any existing corrective or preventive actions. You can also create improvement plans for any of your standards, and record lessons learned.

  • Define quality & compliance standards (policies + checklists)

  • Define quality & compliance management objectives and obligations

  • Word .docx file import

  • Document version control & change log


Workflow management

Workflow management system allows you to add tasks, set priorities, apply filters, and complete actions in a single click. All the actions in Plio are tracked within Plio's workflow system and are easily managed.

  • Create corrective actions + preventive actions + risk control actions

  • Link to standards + non-conformities + risks

  • Monitor status via traffic light indicators

  • Ability to configure simple and full workflows


Non-conformity management

Record any non-conformities your business faces. Plio's nonconformity manager automatically links in any corrective actions people create. Plio keeps track of all nonconformities and sends reminders when deadlines are due.

  • Identify and manage non-conformities (potential breaches)

  • Create improvement plans

  • Root cause analysis

  • Link to standards and actions


While creating an online marketplace platform, we’ve integrated the product with the following services

Technologies we used to build a marketplace website

Building an online marketplace: the outcome

The biggest challenge for the tools, intended to provide continuous improvement for users is to not get overwhelmed by unnecessary features, documentation and bureaucracy. The Plio software helps you avoid this by streamlining and automating the tracking of process problems (nonconformities), risks and key goals. It helps you bring a structured approach to management into your firm and run this with the minimum of administrative effort.

As a result, As a result, Apiko has built a marketplace platform called Plio - compliance management software that gives users a private cloud database with a document management system and a highly customizable layout.

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