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Plio Ltd was founded in December 2015 by Steve Ives. The vision behind the Plio project is a collaborative software tool designed to support a new approach to compliance management - lean compliance. It’s about applying lean management principles to streamline the compliance management process. This allows regulated firms to demonstrate robust compliance processes to their regulator whilst at the same time working towards reducing cost and wasted effort.

Technology stack

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Existing on-demand products for compliance management (Metricstream, Enablon, RSA Archer, Intelex, MasterControl, Compliance360) are expensive to license and time-consuming to set up. Most of them offer too complex user experience. Steve’s initial goal was to design a platform (PlioHub) that met the following requirements:

  1. Can be configured quickly to support any set of compliance management processes
  2. Runs in the cloud, enabling on-demand provisioning and low entry cost
  3. Offers simple, very intuitive and integrated user experience.

JS Solutions’ role was to take Steve’s requirements and his user interface design forward to the next step. Under contract to Plio Ltd, JS Solutions developed Plio as a modern, responsive web application to the point where the product could be launched into the market.

Plio project cloud pltaform scheme

Plio cloud platform

Who is it designed for, how they can benefit from it?

Regulated businesses not only have to meet the needs of their customers, but also the requirements of their regulatory agency.

Designed for regulated companies and compliance consultants, Plio lets you

  • create and maintain a standards book for your key processes and policies
  • quickly and easily access all of the necessary information that relates to a specific compliance standard and take some actions if needed
  • conduct a real time messaging dialogue around each specific business process
  • streamline the tracking of corrective actions within this process
  • introduce a continuous improvement approach into the business.
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Plio features:

  • Document management
  • Non-conformity management
  • Risk management
  • Workflow management
Plio general features

Document Management

Plio document management

Plio provides quick access to all your important compliance documents ( files, web pages or even videos) for you and your advisors. In Plio your standards documents are automatically linked to any existing corrective or preventative actions. You can also create improvement plans for any of your standards, and record lessons learned.

Non-conformity Management

  • Identify and manage non-conformities (potential breaches)
  • Create improvement plans
  • Conduct root cause analysis
  • Link to standards and actions

Plio lets you record any non-conformities which arise in your business. You can allocate these to a department. You also can link them to the appropriate compliance standards and to your corrective and preventative actions.

Plio non conformity management

Risk management

Plio risc management
  • Link the identified risks to standards and corrective actions
  • Score your risks on impact vs probability
  • Conduct risk evaluation
  • Create risk treatment plans
  • Manage the risk and record lessons learned

Workflow Management

  • Create corrective, preventative and risk control actions
  • Link to standards, non-conformities and risks
  • Monitor status via traffic light indicators
  • Configure simple and full workflows

All actions in Plio are tracked for you within its workflow system. It helps you streamline and manage your compliance processes.

Plio workflow management

Additional features

Simple features that make your life easier

  • Customisable reminders for due dates
  • Logging of all changes in data records
  • Search by document category
  • Search by non-conformity or action ID
  • Instant saving
  • Instant messaging
  • Mobile-friendly solution
  • User-friendly solution (no programming skills are required to set up your account, just simple type in and drag&drop techniques; highly intuitive interface)

What client say

Personal photo of Stephen Ives

Stephen Ives, Co-Founder Plio Ltd.

Our experience has been good from a quality and reliability standpoint.