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Recruitment app development case study

Apiko Recruitment CRM Software

Recruitment CRM software development for high volume hiring: how we boosted Apiko internal recruitment processes with the help of a fully customized employee onboarding software.

Short overview

Peter Strutynskyi

Peter Strutynskyi

Petro Liashchynskyi

Petro Liashchynskyi


2018 - Present








Web development, dedicated team, QA testing


Short overview

  • Team:

    Peter Strutynskyi
    Peter Strutynskyi
    Petro Liashchynskyi
    Petro Liashchynskyi
  • Time:

    2018 - Present

  • Platform:


  • Industry:


  • Country:


  • Services:

    Web development, dedicated team, QA testing

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About the client

Apiko is an outsourcing software development company that specializes in building and designing exclusive digital solutions for various organizations. Apiko Recruitment app helps to meet internal needs of the company related to hiring and allocating design, development, testing and project management specialists to the projects. The functionality allows recruiters and admins to perform different tasks needed for convenient data arrangement and more efficient hiring.

project idea

Project idea

Keeping track of all the potential candidates, not losing contacts of people, and acquiring the top talent is a number one goal for any company that deals with high volume hiring. For HR managers to gain a competitive edge, the recruiting process has to be automated, accelerated and well-organized. The recruitment CRM is a perfect solution for reaching and onboarding the best candidates hassle-free.


Custom app development - high volume hiring case study


Organizing applications your enterprise receives is an endless dilemma for hiring managers. Though there are many ways you can do it, manual tracking doesn't prove to be that efficient.

As a growing outsourcing software development company, Apiko has to manage a lot of recruitment processes. When the number of projects rose and the technology stack expanded, the need for reorganization of the candidates' search became more acute. To optimize the work of our hiring managers and increase the efficiency of our recruitment department in general while searching for and onboarding new specialists, Apiko undertook recruitment app development from scratch.

We came to a conclusion that none of the existing recruiting apps can really satisfy our needs, so we needed to create a custom environment where our team could clearly see our clients` journey from their first touch (whether it's a request from our website or our existing customer’s reference) to the end of the onboarding process.

What is Apiko Recruitment CRM?

Apiko Recruitment CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) Software has been initially designed to manage all aspects of staffing and recruiting. Within the software we build and manage relationships with a large pool of candidates and effectively streamline our entire recruiting process and HR operations. One of our main goals for the automated recruitment software development was to establish cooperation between sales and production departments, especially to enable our teams to keep track of in-house development team availability, communicate with specialists from partner organizations, and form new teams for projects. That's where the Apiko Recruitment app became vital for our company's proper functioning.

Challenges & solutions

See the challenges and solutions we've offered to our clients

  • Build a custom recruitment app for optimizing the hiring processes inside the company

  • Design the applicant tracking system functionality and extend it with features for smooth and uncomplicated recruitment and onboarding process

  • Enable integration of the HR onboarding software with Apiko admin system and the website

  • Constantly update the employee onboarding software according to our internal needs and requirements

starting point
  • Starting Point

    The client initially had:

  • Product vision and concept

  • Clearly-defined objectives

  • Desired functionality

  • All the efforts made resulted in:

  • Reliable platform built with proven strategies and tech stack

  • Seamless UI/UX design for an easy user flow

  • Integrations with different systems across the organization

  • Extended and adaptable functionality

  • Ongoing maintenance

What our clients say

Check out what our clients think of Apiko

quote symbol

During our work on the project, having the Apiko Business Analyst and UI/UX designer on board helped us to outline right from the beginning the concept of the recruitment app, its key functionality, and visualize the prototype. The technical team proved their expert skills by using a reliable and modern tech stack to bring about the project from scratch. Apiko recruiters have been using the app for one year now, and it completely covers our needs for the easy-to-use search and candidates' processing.

Yurii Matiishyn

Yurii Matiishyn

HR manager at Apiko

Main functionality

We helped to deliver the following features in the Apiko recruitment CRM:

Recruitment process software development: Apiko case study


Vacancies management

Recruitment process software development: Apiko case study

Directly in the applicant tracking system recruiters can create job openings, add vacancy descriptions, requirements, and salary ranges. All this information is available for applicants to view on the Apiko career website. What's more, you can assign recruiters to be responsible for particular job posts and note down a deadline.

While viewing the vacancies, hiring managers can instantly observe the number of candidates who applied together with their resumes. Also, recruiters can exchange comments on each candidate, leave feedback after interviews and tests to ultimately make the best decision for the company.


Candidates data storage

Applicant tracking app for an organization: custom app development by Apiko

The Apiko recruitment app allows managers to save all the necessary data about candidates for further use: their personal information, interview results, feedback, and pre-employment tests. Storing all this information is of the utmost importance and value for recruiters and the company.

When applicants get in touch with our company in a way other than through Apiko's career website, the hiring managers can fill in the form and add their personal information manually. Saving resumes is also essential for recruiters to filter and find the right people for different job openings.

Applicant tracking app for an organization: custom app development by Apiko
Automated recruitment software development by Apiko


Keeping track of the tasks

Automated recruitment software development by Apiko

Adding tasks to the system that need to be performed at some point in time allows recruiters to process vacancies and candidates with greater efficiency and fewer oversights. Setting the deadlines and assigning responsible managers for each task also help the recruitment process be more organized and automated


Searching for the right candidate in the system

How to build an applicant tracking system: Apiko case study

When we need to expand the existing teams or add new specialists while starting a project, our recruiters can use the database of all the applicants, filter the right ones from the multiple resumes with a comprehensive and easy-to-use filtering system. It allows us to sort the applications out according to the tech stack, seniority level, salary range, English level, and even location.

How to build an applicant tracking system: Apiko case study
Applicant tracking app for an organization: custom app development by Apiko


Vacancies’ filter system

Applicant tracking app for an organization: custom app development by Apiko

The recruitment software at Apiko allows hiring managers to manage job openings more efficiently by keeping an eye on all the candidates who apply for each vacancy. To find the needed vacancy in the system, there are filters related to professional direction, location, general status (open, redirected, stopped, or closed), and visibility status (public, private).


Integrations with multiple workflow systems across the organization

Recruitment process software development: Apiko case study

Smooth integration of the recruitment app with various systems across our organization fosters seamless collaboration among sales, recruitment, and management departments. The data exchange happens smoothly thus allowing each team member to be informed of new projects, job openings, and potential employees.

Recruitment process software development: Apiko case study
Applicant tracking system business case


Adaptable layout and extendable functionality

Applicant tracking system business case

The automated recruitment software is flexible and can easily meet our company's growing needs. The adaptable layout allows recruiters to add new filters, extend the technology stack, professional directions, statuses, and other labels for customization of their user experience.



Custom recruiting CRM development: the outcome

With our own hiring needs in mind, Apiko expert team designed a custom digital solution to solve recruiters’ major challenges, automate information gathering and optimize the workflow across departments. With Apiko recruitment CRM software, unstructured data is a thing of the past. At present, we continue working on the system’s growth and adding new features to deliver the seamless user experience and fulfil the desired goals of end-users.

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